Saturday, December 10

What the heck is wrong with me...

I was once again underwhelmed by an Anne Gracie book. I keep telling myself I should have loved The Perfect Waltz and yet I found it lacking. The reviewer at AAR didn't find it lacking, she thought it was a keeper. Kathe Robin over at RT gave it 4 stars and a "sensual" rating, which I'm really confused about, did we read the same book? There's one sex scene and it's in the last 20 pages, is a sweet rating only for books with kisses? Probably, I'll have to check that out.

Maybe I'm disappointed because there wasn't enough sex, which kind of surprises me because like Kristie, I often skip sex scenes altogether. I hate to admit I skimmed this one, by the time it finally showed up I was no longer interested. The main character's sexual chemistry seems to get lost with all the peripheral goings on--1. a secondary romance, that may have made a more interesting main romance. 2. another flirtation with a different couple. 3. The hero's abused little sisters, found after a 10+ year separation. 4. An orphanage filled with sad little girls--too much stuff.

I wanted to like this book and the previous one in this series, The Perfect Rake. Ms. Gracie has a nice writing style and voice, but this just didn't work for me.


ReneeW said...

Thanks for posting this Tara. I don't think this one is going to work for me either. Also, doesn't sound like there is enough sex for me :) I read a couple others by AG and the sex was light or nonexistent. So I'm going to take this author off my list.

Kristie (J) said...

These are the exact ones I had in mind when I posted about wanting sex scenes but not necessarily reading them!!!! I liked these two quite a bit more than you did, but I agree that the sex scenes were disappointing.

sybil said...


I had this waiting for me at the half price bookstore. Do you think it is worth picking up?

erika said...

I've read AG's TPW and the previous book too and neither wowed me enough to keep them. They were alright reads but the chemistry was just too warm and the heroes were rather bland, imo. I'm so agreeing with you about this author.

Tara Marie said...

Renee--it wasn't a horrible book, it just somehow missed the mark for me.

Kristie--It's funny, I can completely understand someone enjoying both of these books, but both seemed to have so much more potential, at least for me, I'm not sure why, but I expected more.

And, I completely understand "...wanting sex scenes but not necessarily reading them!!!!" In this instance I think it would have kept the chemistry moving more.

Sybil--If I remember correctly you liked The Perfect Rake so you'll probably will like this one too. Like I said to Renee, it's not horrible, it just somehow missed the mark for me.

Erika--Warm and bland, good descriptions.