Tuesday, December 27

Three Days of Wonderful Chaos...

Today is the first day I've had a chance to sit and gather enough thoughts to actually blog about something.

This is first Christmas that Junior completely understood. We some how survived weeks of antsy anticipation leading up to 3 days of utter chaos.

Friday, the 23rd, was his first testing in Tae Kwon Do. He did a great job and will be getting his yellow belt in a belt ceremony this week. He was by far the youngest and smallest of the group testing, and he received a tremendous amount of attention from the audience, because, well, he's just so cute. The quote of the evening was "Ah, he's adorable." After the testing was finished there was a Christmas party that followed and a visit with Santa.

Saturday, the 24th, was my 42nd birthday. My wonderful husband and "adorable" son took me out to breakfast and then we were off to my M&FIL's house for Christmas Eve. A wonderful time was had by all and the kids got tons of gifts and all were little angels. It was late by the time we left the in-laws' house, but Junior seemed wide awake, talking a mile a minute about how excited he was that Santa was coming and he couldn't wait to put out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa and, of course, we wouldn't forget carrots for the reindeer. And, the next thing we knew he was sound asleep in his car seat. Since he was sleeping we made sure that Santa's and the reindeer's snacks were left out.

Christmas morning--some of you may have noticed I did some blog hopping Christmas morning. Hard to believe right? Junior got up at 5:00 announced Santa had come, crawled into our bed and promptly feel back to sleep until 6:30. Amanda, I can't believe your kids slept until 8:30--LOL. The secret must be going to Midnight Mass. We'll have to try that when Junior gets older.

The amazing Santa somehow managed to bring everything that Junior asked for, isn't that great?

We went to 9:00 Mass Christmas morning, picked my parents up at 11:45 and then headed to my sisters for a fabulous Christmas Day.

Yesterday, we spent the day crashing and playing on the living room floor with all of Junior's loot.

Today, we are off to Barnes and Noble--Mama got 6 gift cards between her birthday and Christmas--can you see me doing a "Happy, Happy Dance"?

I hope everyone's Christmas wishes came true.



Bookwormom said...

I couldn't believe they slept that long either, Tara. It was a first! I think midnight mass does certainly help, though.

I'm glad you safely made the rounds visiting your family. Holidays seem to be either wonderful & heartwarming or fractious & infuriating.

Anne E. said...

I have a confession to make -- when my son was little, I used to wake him up early on Christmas morning so we could open our presents.

CindyS said...

You guys are all too funny. I have done everything to keep people in bed late on Christmas Morning. I mean, c'mon, the gifts are still going to be there whether you get up at 6am or 10am. This year I was told that Noon was not an option for the start of Christmas Morning. I suggested 10am and it was agreed. Phew!


Sam said...

I think my kids are aliens, they always slept late on Christmas day - midnight mass or not.
But I can remember my brother and sister up at 5 am for the gifts, lol!

Megan Frampton said...

Happy Birthday, Tara Marie! SIX gift cards. I am so envious. Let us know what you get, 'kay?