Wednesday, December 14


I'm envious of people who can write good book reviews. You can click on just about any blog on my sidebar and find a person who writes wonderful reviews, with great synopses and perfect grading. I, for some reason, am incapable of doing this.

I know I write lousy reviews, what can I say? I'm lazy and can't be bothered to pass on all the info a good reviewer should. But, in addition to being a lousy reviewer, I also suck at deciding on a grade. I have a tendency to see books through black and white eyes. Either it's an A or a B or it's complete failure. Does this go back to my school days and an obssession with good grades? Maybe. It's one of the reason I don't give grades or stars, I'm not sure I'm even being objective.

I'm also incredibly envious of people who are organized enough to find time to read during the busy holiday season. It seems like every waking minute is filled with getting ready for Christmas.
  • Shopping--done
  • Decorating--done
  • Wrapping--just about done
  • Baking--havent even thought about

This has left little to no reading time. When asked what I want for Christmas, I say 1. B&N Gift Cards, 2. someone to help get all this stuff finished. I can't complain about my husband, he's done almost all of Junior's Christmas shopping. And, somehow I was tricked into getting the teacher gifts for school. I get to collect the money and buy something from the whole class. Can anyone say AMEX Gift Cards??

Got to go, books are due back at the Library, Junior has school and it's -8 degrees this morning--that's just not right.

Have a good one, hopefully someone out there is reading.



Tara Marie said...

Is synopses the plural of synopsis--LOL?? I'm absolutely clueless.

Megan Frampton said...

Synopses IS the plural of synopsis.

And I got roped into that $ collecting too--why, I don't know, I have a little phobia about calling people and trying to meet up with them to accept little envelopes. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Jay said...

Oh I cant write good reviews either. I never tell what the story was about and I'm not particularly articulate about the things I liked about a book. The only time I come across coherent is when I didn't like a book. Otherwise I just seem to squee and gush.

Tara Marie said...

Megan, thanks, I was pretty sure I had that right, but didn't have time to look it up. Don't you hate collecting money, as it is we're going to fall short because not all the parents are interested--ugh, I hate this.

Jay, you sound just like me, I'm rather articulate when describing something I don't like and can and do give lots of reasons, but when I like something I can't always pin point why and end up sounding like a fangirl.

ReneeW said...

I don't know what you're talking about ... I think you do great reviews! Jay too. Squee and gush work for me.

Shopping - very little
Decorating - NONE
Wrapping - NONE
Baking - Yes! Just sugar cookies cutouts in 30 different shapes. They were a big hit at the cookie exhange. Enough left over to give to neighbors.

::sigh:: you still have me beat. I'm jealous.

CindyS said...

Tara - I am just like you and often feel dense when I am trying to write a review. Keepers aren't always easy for me to explain because my keepers seem to be other peoples yetches. I have been 'learning' to grade over the past two years since I started keeping track of my reading.

I guess if I am pissed by the end of the book it'll be in the C- to D range and I LOVE the chance to pick the puppy apart!

Fs don't happen because I'm not masocistic and will put a book down before my head explodes. I reserve my right to complain about that on my blog ;)

Shopping - seriously, is it ever done? I usually shop right up to the last day no matter when I start. July - October, no difference, just different stress.
Decorating - as done as it's going to get
Wrapping - again, on the 24th it will still be happening
Baking - WTF? I stopped this years ago when I figured out Bob and I were the ones eating most of it and we just don't need that kind of stuff in the house!

Mmmm, reading. I may find time for another book but I think I want something funny.


Anne E. said...

I think being a literature major in undergrad and graduate studies helped me, but I think you write good reviews. As to Christmas, I have almost finished my shopping (just a couple of more things for my grandson, a gift card for his uncle, and some things from the Dollar Tree for my team, and I'll be through). Now comes the hard part -- wrapping presents! I love gift bags and tissue paper, but it doesn't work for everything. When I was married, my husband did all the wrapping (one time he even wrapped his own present).

Sam said...

I'm not very critical of reviews. I just like to see what the reader thought about the book, why it worked or didn't work for her. A rehash of the plot isn't very interesting if you haven't read the book, so I like your reviews, Tara Marie! They are very clear and to the point.
I have a book sitting in front of me I am dying to finish, (Winter House by Carol O Connell) It's the latest Mallory Mystery, I've read all of them so far.

Tara Marie said...

Thank you ladies for your positive thoughts about my crappy reviews. You're all being very nice, maybe not honest, but very nice--LOL.

Bookwormom said...

Tara- I don't grade my reviews either, as I tend to either keep them or trade them. The author either makes the keeper shelf or doesn't. I prefer to let hte readers decide for themselves. I'm working on beiong clearer on the reasons why it did or didn't work.

As to Christmas-shopping nearly done, what's bought is wrapped; cards mailed; baking haven't even started.

Sam said...

That's another thing - I'm not sure I like graded reviews, because sometimes a review will be glowing, and the grade crap, and the other times the reviewer seems to hate the book and sticks a high note on it. I hate the RT grading system and refuse to read any of their reviews, lol.