Thursday, December 29

This Years Favorites...

Kristie's quick. She already has her top 10 listed. After going through my Just the Books (and nothing but the books so help me God) blog, I came up with my favorites, but I couldn't limit myself to 10 or 15. I hit 20, here they are in the order I read them:
  1. The Devil You Know To Pay -- Liz Carlyle, being a LC fangirl there would have to be a couple of her books on my list--oops, thanks Renee I didn't even realize I had listed it twice, since the list is in order, I had to fix this one.
  2. Dreaming of You -- Lisa Kleypas, not a new book, but new to me. It took me forever to find a copy of this book.
  3. Kiss of the Highlander -- Karen Marie Moning, another book new to me. I can't say I loved any of the others in the series, but this one was fantastic.
  4. The Rainbow Season -- Lisa Gregory, an oldie, but one I had never read. Wonderful western.
  5. Black Ice -- Anne Stuart, what's not to love about a Stuart.
  6. Body Electric -- Susan Squires, not new, but once again new to me, fascinating story concept.
  7. Veil of Night -- Lydia Joyce, one of my new favorite authors.
  8. If Angels Burn -- Lynn Viehl, another new favorite author, a great mix of horror and romance
  9. The Cobra and The Concubine -- Bonnie Vanak, this book got lousy reviews, but I enjoyed it. The setting and time period are wonderful.
  10. Carved in Stone -- Vickie Taylor, another new favorite author, this series has a wonderful premise.
  11. The Marriage Bed -- Laura Lee Guhrke, either you loved it or you hated it. I loved it, an emotional read from cover to cover.
  12. The Devil You Know -- Liz Carlyle, see 1.
  13. Passion -- Lisa Valdez, another new favorite, this books isn't just erotic, it has a great story, and you don't skip the sex scenes in this one.
  14. The Companion -- Susan Squires, my absolute favorite new author, I know she's not new, but she was new to me this year.
  15. Dark Lover -- JR Ward, the best kick off for a new series all year, amazing.
  16. The Dark Queen -- Susan Carroll, amazing setting and time period and wonderful writing.
  17. The Courtesan -- Susan Carroll, see 15.
  18. The Hunger -- Susan Squires, see 13.
  19. The Champion -- Elizabeth Chadwick, one of my all time favorite authors, her books are so hard to find, but totally worth it.
  20. Private Demons -- Lynn Viehl, see 7.

This was my year to discover paranormal. Of the 20 books 10 of them are either out right paranormals or have some paranormal activity.

When I look back, it was a good year for reading, let's hope 2006 is just as good.

So, what's on your favorites list?



Anne E. said...

For me my most memorable reads of 2005 were "Midnight Honor" by Marsha Canham; the Elizabeth Chadwick novels reviewed on my blog; "The Magnificent Ambersons," by Boothe Tarkington; Daniel Silva's novels; and the latest by Nelson DeMille, "Night Fall." I was involved in a really good discussion of the Tarkington book at Barnes and Noble University (accessable on the home page of the B&N website).

I was horribly disappointed in "A Breath of Snow and Ashes," the latest Diana Gabaldon. Enough said here. I reviewed it on my blog and the review contains spoilers.

I just posted on my blog about my current reading and future reading, which is all about courtesans, for some reason.

Kristie said...

Wow!!! Excellent list. And we did match with quite a few didn't we. *squealing* Did you not just LOVE Dreaming of You?? I so love Derek Craven - one of the best heroes eva!! Nicole has this one TBR and I swear if I could get to her house I would pick it up, hand it to her and stand there till she opens it and starts reading it.*grin* And Rainbow Season *sigh* I reread this one again not too long ago and it's still wonderful. Have you read the sequel The Rainbow Promise? It's about Luke's sister although Luke and Sarah have major roles too. I haven't tried the Susan Carroll books - waiting for the paperback since I lost my &^#@^& library card. And AHA!!! you picked The Cobra and the Concubine too! Most excellent taste we have there. I haven't tried Lynn Viehl but this is just the kind of thing I'm looking for! New authors to try. Now that I've rambled on in valley speak, I'll go now.

Bookwormom said...

I may not be able to post my list before the turn of the year, but I know we'll have several authors in common.

Tara Marie said...

Annette, you're so good, you read from so many different genres. I'm a romance addict. My DH is a Nelson DeMille fan.

Kristie, we have such similar taste, I knew we would have a several matches. I didn't know there was a sequal to The Rainbow Season, now I have to look for it and it took me so long to find TRS. Lynn Viehl really mixes romance and horror and some really think she leans more to the horror side, but that's what I like about her books, they're not for everyone.

Amanda, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a some in common, going back to posting on RT, we had similar tastes, it's great when you find someone who enjoys the same style of writing, it's like finding an endless supply of books "to look for".

Anne E. said...

FYI: I activated the TBR Challenge on the Reader's Roundtable Board at RT Magazine, for the month of January.

Bookwormom said...


I just posted my keeper 2005 list. Only two of the authors we read in common (S. Squires, L. Joyce, LL Guhrke,etc.) made my keeper shelves although I enjoyed them all. J.R. Ward & KMM did make onto my keeper shelves though.

Bookwormom said...

Sorry, that didn't make any sense! LOL

The authors in () I read as well, but they didn't make it onto my keeper shelves this year.

ReneeW said...

We match on about half of these! I read Dreaming of You and Body Electic a while back and loved them too. I'd forgotten that I have The Rainbow Season in my TBR, so I'll get it out soon. Is the second Devil You Know (#12) supposed to be The Devil To Pay? I'm reading that one now and loving it. LC is wonderful.

I noticed both you and Kristie have The Cobra and the Concubine on your lists. I'm going to need to find this one.

sybil said...

That is it... I am so finding The Rainbow Season -- Lisa Gregory.

oh yes I am! wwhhhhheeeeeee new western to look for! Sorry I amuse easy.