Saturday, December 3

I should be cooking...

We're having my husbands family for brunch this morning, I should be down in the kitchen cooking onions an mushrooms for a vegetable frittata. Instead I'm blog hopping and checking out some message boards and review sites, and getting annoyed.

Reviewer's missing the point of character development to the overall plot of a story. Reader's not getting that horror/romances are supposed to be creepy and at times icky and yucky. And it seems like no one gets the heroine age thing no matter how much poor Maili tries to educate us. And Erika, you're right the age of consummation doesn't matter if the older man thinks of the heroine as a daughter, 14, 17 or 27 there is a yuck factor there.

I've got to go--clean the bathroom, take a shower, run out for bagels and start cooking.

Have a great day and happy reading.


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erika said...

hey tara marie, there was a judith ivory book where a similar thing happened--very young wife/very very very old husband. And while I finished that book, I still thought it was yuck. I will now avoid romances with that plotline. I'd rather not read about an elderly first husband thinking that the heroine was more like a daughter to him than a wife. I guess I pictured Anna Nicole Smith and her much much much older rich husband...ick!