Saturday, December 3

November Books

List of books read in November:
  1. Not So Innocent -- Laura Lee Guhrke
  2. Sacrament -- Susan Squires
  3. The Companion -- Susan Squires
  4. The Music of the Night -- Lydia Joyce
  5. The Colorado Kid -- Stephen King
  6. Hot Spell -- Anthology
  7. Killing Time -- Linda Howard
  8. Blue Smoke -- Nora Roberts
  9. Superstition -- Karen Robards
  10. Beauty Like The Night -- Liz Carlyle (reread)
  11. Red Lily -- Nora Robards
  12. Reckless -- Shannon Drake (couldn't finish)
  13. The Argentine Lover -- Samantha Winston
  14. Kiss Me, Annabelle -- Eloisa James
  15. The Devil to Pay -- Liz Carlyle (reread)

November, 15 books read to date

YTD--196 books read.


Sam said...

You're so good to make lists - I should - because I forget.
Let's see:
Delicate Storm
Belle Ruin by Martha Grimes
The Ruthless by LG Burbank
Winter House by Carol O' Connell
The Last Templer
Shadowqueen by Debbie Federicci(Cheyenne McCray) & Susan Vaught
Witch Circle Debbie Federicci &- Susan Vaught
(Ack - I can't remember the authors for some of these...)
But mostly I wrote in November, lol.

Anne E. said...

When & where did you get "Kiss Me, Annabel?" I preordered it from Books-A-Million and it was just shipped out with some other books yesterday. The date given for publication was December. I'm reading the first one in the series now & am about 1/2 way through.

Tara Marie said...

Sam--writing is good. I'm not great with lists, but I've gotten to the point it's the best way to keep track of what I read to avoid re-buying something I may not be interested in.

Anne--I found Kiss Me, Annabell at one of the many Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) stores in my area.

erika said...

Tara Marie, I haven't followed Shannon Drake into her regency era romances plus the reviews haven't piqued my buying interest. If SD would write another medieval I'd rush and buy it!