Friday, December 9

Oh, Oh, Oh, one of the neighbors...

just plowed out the end of all the driveways on our street with a snow blower! How nice was that?

We've got an electric snow thrower which is great for the walks and driveway, but the stuff the plow dumps at the end of the driveway is too much for it's little engine.

The snow has stopped and the sun is out. We got over a foot of snow total. Junior had a great time helping me clean-up.

Maybe we'll have a White Christmas this year, that would be great.


Sam said...

Aren't nice neighbors the best?
I wish it would snow so much here - but we would be completely paralysed, lol. No snow tires in this part of the country, we really only get sprinkles of snow.
(But It's So Pretty!!!!)

CindyS said...

We got hammered up here in Southern Ontario also but then I love having a white Christmas. We had too many green Christmases back to back - something like 4 - 5 years! Last year was white and I'm praying this year will be white also!