Friday, December 16

200 Books...and a few other thoughts...

I've finally hit the 200 books read mark. Considering I finished November at 196, 4 books in 16 days isn't great, but I'm rather relieved to reach the milestone. Not that I set a goal for the year, but once I realized I was close to 200, I wanted to hit it.

I seem to be on a rereading kick, nothing new is holding my attention, with Christmas this close, it seems my attention span is that of my son's--non-existent. I also seem to be into cad heros. Reread Laura Lee Guhrke's Guilty Pleasures and The Marriage Bed and plan to read Eloisa James' Your Wicked Ways. I love a good cad in complete need of redemption. TMB and YWW both have cheating husbands, men who went elsewhere when their marriages were falling apart. I can't really explain why these stories work for me, it's not something I'd accept in my own marriage and a contemporary with this plot would probably hit a wall and rather hard at that.

I feel somewhat like Cindy. My sleeping schedule is shot to hell. I'm falling asleep before 9 pm and am up for the day between 3:30 and 4:00 in the morning. I shouldn't be complaining as this is when I've been reading.

I finally feel like I've got the Christmas situation under control. I need to pick up 5 gift cards, 3 for the teachers from the class, and put together 2 gift baskets for the grandparents, and that's it--I AM DONE. Thank God.

Have a good one, I probably wont have much time to be on this weekend, happy reading to all.



CindyS said...

Yikes! It's contagious!

Now see, I must be channeling you because I am actually up during the day. Okay, at least part of the day. I woke up at 8am today. Hubby had the day off so we went 'full brigade' shopping. Take no prisoners!

I am floored by your achievement to read 200 books. I'm lucky to reach 40 books a year. I was doing really well earlier in the year but I have definitely fallen off the tracks.

Again. Done done, or Done 'oh I forgot to buy a card for mom' done.


Sam said...

200 books is great! Congrats!
I think I read about 100 - most are completely forgetable, lol.
I should do like you do: write up a list of what I've read, but it seems too organized for me. My husband is a great one for lists and graphs of all sorts. He can't understand why I don't do that for my books (title, how many sold, royalties) But I don't get all excited about things like that, lol.
I am getting up early lately too - but it's mostly becase of Mr. Auguste, he whines in the morning and wakes me up, so I go down and shush him before he can wake anyone else up!

Anne E. said...

Merry Christmas, Tara, to you and your family. I have to brave the local mall today as I have an appointment to get my hair cut this afternoon. This will give me a chance to do some last minute shopping as well. As hard as this may be to believe, there is no book seller in my local mall (the tiny Waldens closed a year ago)! There is a stand-alone Books-a-Million that I will have to visit first. I posted my final before Christmas post on my blog, as I have to work this week, but the following week will only be in the office two days, so that will give me some time for more reading and blogging. Again, best wishes, Annette.

Jay said...

200 books is awesome. I'm almost at 150 - I might make it by the end of the year if I pick up, discard, and include in the tally a couple of clunkers :) No idea if this is normal or not, though, since I only started keeping track this year.

ReneeW said...

Great accomplishment! I'm only at 163. And this month has been incredibly slow. No time for reading. I had one year when I read over 200 but I was unemployed that year (and I didn't have kids at home :) When I was a stay at home mom, I had a hard time getting any reading in. You are very fast reader!