Monday, October 9

The Disaster Area **Updated**

Normally The Disaster Area is the title I reserve for my son's bedroom, especially after a particularly good/bad playdate. These days it seems to be my entire house. Why? I've got books everywhere. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it's not too far off. I don't have stacks of books in the living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen, though I've only recently moved a stack out of the kitchen and the only reading material in the bathroom is my husband's, but our bedroom, the office and my back porch are infested with books. Infested seems to be the right word as these books seem to be breeding like bugs. The piles of TBR books, already read books, books for my sister, books to exchange, books to return to the library and books to keep seem to be growing by the minute.

I'm going to try and organize today, I wonder if it's possible to get done in a few hours. I doubt it.


I pulled paperback books out of the home office, the only flat surface I can work on is my bed or the office floor, the bed gave me more room.

I found:

36 for the TBR pile
51 keepers
120 for the trade group or UBS
8 for my sister
9 issues of Romantic Times

Next I'm working on that bookcase to the right of the bed.

Found 128 books in bookcase:

5 books for hubby
38 for the TBR pile
40 keepers
45 for the trade group or UBS

I've decided to leave the back porch for another day, there are just too many books and I know I wont get it finished. I hate starting something when I know I don't have enough time to get it done.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Rosie said...

I always think (thought) of my piles of books this way...

One of the ways our children know that reading is important isn't just by saying so, but by seeing us read.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Jenster said...

What an over-abundance of energy you seem to have! Goodonya.

I agree with Rosie. One of our jobs as parents is to instill the love of reading in our children. So I have full shelves and a book going 24/7 - not because I want to but because I'm a good mom. :o)


sybil said...

You are missing a title... books for sybil *g*

ames said...

I felt like I had crazy books, but once they were organized, they're not so bad. Is there a book cleaning bug going around? LOL

Kristie (J) said...

Isn't it a wonderful way to spend a few hours? Organizing books. My goodness - looks like you have lots to trade *g*

mamx said...

jumping beans, so many books there for someone to read , drooling, pink bed ?
it all look so clean and neat and proper and why i think a school marm lives there who likes to read hah , mmmm books to weed trade etc i should do that .here it been verty warm in canada , 24 degrees but feel so much warmer but kinda hazy and the light quality is different now . dark at 7 pm , oh , Happy Thankgiving Day !

nath said...

I only have one word: WOW :D

but it's really cool to see everyone displaying their books ;D

Rosie said...

All this organizing inspired. We needed some sort of storage something for our yoga stuff. We have straps, mats, blocks and bolsters...I also needed a bigger basket for the TBR and one for the books for trade and for my sister (see like minds!) Anyway I got mine organized too. I think I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I completely agree, it's a good thing for kids to see us read, but it would also be a good thing if they can see us stay organized too--LOL.

Jen, I'm doing the good mom thing, I swear.

Sybil, you fall under books for trade, I'll post a list some time this week, I promise.

Ames, organized is better, but somewhere to store them would be the best.

Kristie, a couple of hours of organizing is a dangerous thing, even as a kid when I sat down to put my books in order I'd end up doing more reading than organizing.

mamx, it is a pretty pink bed. Neat, clean and school marmish, my husband wishes, you will note the pictures don't show the dusty corners of the room.

Nath, I love pictures of book, especially lots and lots, I feel less guilty about how many I have.

Rosie, glad I could be of assistance--LOL.