Monday, October 23

A few things...

I read two novellas last night, the first reading I've done in a week. One was pretty good the other was god awful. I'd give titles, but I don't have the book in front of me.

I just finished painting my foyer. I've always liked the word foyer, it's what my mom always used. No matter how big the entry of the house, it's a foyer. The wallpaper was getting old, it was in good shape and had a classic look that wasn't out of style, but was I sick of looking at it.

Once I pulled down all the paper I'd realized why we papered in the first place. The old plaster walls were a mess. My husband spackled over the weekend and I painted today.

The color I thought I'd picked was a neutral taupe, but turned out to be a pinky taupe, but I still like it. It dried real quick and I've already put the furniture back in the space. And I realized I have a couple of different borders that will go quite nicely with it, now I need to decide if I want antique cherubs or hydrangea.

This past weekend Junior's school had it's big fundraiser and I "volunteered" Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Fundraisers are manditory so there's no need to volunteer, every body works--LOL. Though I did get suckered into decorating the back of the Mini-van for Trunk or Treat. We decorate the trunks of our cars with all sorts of fall and halloween stuff and give out candy to the kids who show up in costume. There will also be crafts and snacks for the kids too. That's this coming Saturday.

Junior is going to be a vampire for Halloween, and I found a cheap costume, in the dark on Halloween night it will look fabulous. I was going to make it, but I would have spent more on the fabric.

I'll list the Alpha hero tomorrow and everyone can post them to different categories.

Have a good one and happy reading.

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