Saturday, October 14

Finally finished a couple...

I finally finished Rachel Gibson's I'm not in the Mood for Love. That title always seems awkward. I ended up skimming parts. It's one of those okay books that take too much energy to work up a review, not good enough to gush yet not bed enough to rant. Kasey Michael's Everything's Coming Up Rosie falls under the same category. I skimmed/read it last night. The characters are likeable but grating after a while and the pacing of the book is horrendous

Junior had a soccer game at 10:00 this morning, cold but not freezing. It was 28 degrees for the 8:00 game--yikes that's cold. I guess I shouldn't complain with Buffalo getting 2 feet of snow yesterday.

All those books that were on my bed are now in 2 bins that are so heavy I can barely drag them, forget about picking them up. And have I done anything with them? Nope. I've got mini projects going all over the house. Oh, well there's always this week.

We're doing yard work today and shopping for new kitchen counters.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Devonna said...

I seem to be skimming alot on I'm in No Mood for Love also, Tara Marie. There's just too much information on their work and I keep wondering why that has anything to do with the story. I bet if those parts had been taken out, the book would have easily been 100 pages shorter. I'll probably be finishing this one today.

Jenster said...

Ooo! New counters. You're so lucky. DH cracked ours (in our new house) when he was installing the new sink. But it will have to wait so we'll just keep the crack covered with the dishrag. lol

BTW - I posted my font and color on my blog for you.


Rosie said...

I'm in No Mood for Love was not a good book for me either. I hope she gets back on track with her next one.

ReneeW said...

Well, damn, I was looking forward to IINMFL. Maybe I'll skip it and re-read See Jane Score or Truly Madly Yours.

We put in Corian counters a few years ago and it was worth the expense. We had tile and grout and it was horrible to keep clean.

Love your Halloween look!

Tara Marie said...

Devonna and Rosie, it wasn't very good was it?

Jen, I've lived with a pathetic kitchen for the last 23 years. The house is 100 years old and because of doorways and windows doesn't lend itself well to cabinets. I've got a Hoosier and a nice hutch, but the little bit of cabinets I've got I hate. We've decided to bring it back to period and are going with an open sink area with shelves above. It should be interesting.

Renee, I hate to tell you to skip it, you never know, it might work for you. I picked out a nice green speckled thing. We wont actually get it until we start the work.