Wednesday, October 4

Monday I made a quick dash into the bookstore and picked up the November issue of Romantic Times.

And, of course a few books, as if I can go into a bookstore without buying books.

This one wasn't on my book order but I'm a sucker for Tribal Police stories, had to have it.

I picked up Tropical Heat used. It's my first Jaci Burton book, actually it's two books--Passion in Paradise 2 and Passion in Paradise 3. Read both stories Monday night, and was pleasantly surprised that they had a beginning, a middle and an end, a real plot, not just sex scenes strung together by something resembling a plot. I know, I know, I'm reading the wrong EC's--LOL

No Brainer, second in the series and have peaked in but haven't really started reading.

This is my first Aphrodisia. I hadn't planned on picking it up, but 1. I liked the cover and 2. I liked the back blurb. So I figured what the heck.

I also picked up Patricia Waddell's The Lady's Proposal (couldn't find a decent picture to post) it's not a futuristic/sci fi, but the back blurb sounded pretty good. They had 2 of her "He Said..." series but not all four, so I decided to pass on them, besides the covers look real familiar and I may have read them.


Jane said...

Oh, my poor dear. Sin? Really? Well, if you like the buffet of sexual contact, this has it. Every conceivable sexual act except for the urine/feces related ones occur in this book. And the heroine is an ANYTHING BUT virgin. And . . . Okay, have fun

Tara Marie said...

Jane, hey, at least it had a HEA. I finished it this afternoon, it's a "little" over the top--LOL. Believe it or not I've read worse buffets of sexual contact--a Black Lace alternative reality with snakelike secondary character, forked tongue and all.

Rosie said...

I was out book shopping yesterday too. I pick my RT up at my UBS which also sells new. It's a small independent that I try to support. I haven't been as industrious as you and made up my list yet though.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I pick my RT up at my UBS which also sells new. It's a small independent that I try to support. I love my UBS/Indie bookshop, I've some great friends thanks to that little bookshop.