Monday, October 16

All over with this one...

I'm still rather distracted from reading, it's one of the reasons I started with the Sudoku puzzles. It's probably why I changed the look of the blog too, though I hate to admit it, I don't like black and this might not last until Halloween--LOL. I've got a huge TBR pile and what did I read over the weekend...Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Match Me If You Can. I borrowed it from the library last year. I'd already read it but wanted a copy for myself so I bought a paperback copy last week.

There's just something comforting about a favorite author, you know what your going to get even when it's not perfect it still works. I'd forced my way through 2 books last week that didn't work and realized I need comfort reads when I'm this distracted. I think I may pull out a couple more SEP books and have a mini marathon, like the Linda Howard one I had earlier this year.

I can't believe my little guy starting school full-time has thrown me for such a loop. He loves school and once he found his "boundaries" it's been great. But, I still haven't found a real routine. I've done none of the heavy duty cleaning I thought I would, reading has been hit or miss. And, the holidays are right around the corner. Okay, I'm done whining.

I've got a full schedule this week... Today, Junior has a hair appointment after school. Tuesday, I take my husband's car for an oil change. Wednesday, Parent Guild meeting. Thursday, set up for a school fundraiser and soccer practice. Friday, the school fundraiser (actually the fundraiser is a 3 day event, but I only have to work Friday, which includes baking 3 batches of brownies). Saturday, soccer and a family party and Sunday, I escape by myself for a candle party. I'm amazed by anyone who has more than one child and still functions--LOL.

When the heck is Blogger going to add "blog" to their Spell Check?


Bookwormom said...

Hi Tara-

I did the guilty/innocent meme too. It was fun. I enjoyed the questions.

Don't be so hard on yourself about Jr starting school. Kindergarden is a major milestone for you & for him. It's natural to be unsettled.

The only thing that works for me when I feel like you do is simply to go with the flow. Not forcing myself to read (or whatever else) anything that doesn't hold my attention. Feeling like I 'ought to' never accomplishes much for me.


meljean brook said...

"When the heck is Blogger going to add "blog" to their Spell Check?"

ROTF! Too funny.

My tot began pre-school this year. Only half a day, but it has still forced me into a massive schedule change (and I'm not getting the work I thought I would done, either. And the house is still messy.)

I don't know how people with more than one kid do it. I think I'd be a mess.

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, honestly it's been harder for me and I hate admitting that. Once he settled down, schools been great. Going with the flow, that's what I've been doing and still I'm whining--LOL.

Meljean, I'm glad I'm not alone in the more than one child thing--LOL.

Rosie said...

Meljean I have two kids who are lots older than yours, but I was always wondering how my Mom did it as I was one of nine kids. I don't know how she didn't lose her mind.

Tara you'll hit your's still early days yet. I still juggle stuff. I guess that's just life with kids. You are always adjusting to the next phase.

CindyS said...

Yep, these weird fall blues are hitting every one hard and I didn't send any kids to school! Okay, my Godchildren and I realized the youngest is no longer a baby.

Let's just sit and whine together ;) Glad Jr. finally found his 'school legs'!