Monday, October 9

The Rake's Proposal by Sarah Elliott...

"THE RAKE’S PROPOSAL is an amusing regency romantic suspense thriller headlined by two likable protagonists who have successfully shunned marriage until now." Lifted this quote from Harriet Klausner's review over on Barnes & Noble and I'm sure it's the same review you'll find anywhere else she posts. Now, why the heck am I quoting HK? Basically, it says it all.

My thoughts...
1. The girl on the cover reminds me of Lolita Davidovitch.
2. The heroine is incredibly independent for her time, which was nice.
3. The hero is incredibly independent and tolerent for his time, which was nice.
4. For smart independent people they have an inability to communicate and this drives the conflict between them.
5. It's a pleasant read, "Charming" if you want to quote Eloise James.
6. I'm getting tired of pleasant, charming and amusing Regency romances.
7. I feel guilty making any negative comments, anyone who writes pleasant, charming and amusing Regency romances must be nice and it would be like kicking a puppy.

So, here it is--The Rake's Proposal is a nice read, not spectacular but not horrible. The sad thing is I'm kind of curious about her first book and will probably search out a copy of Reforming the Rake, which will probably also be pleasant, charming and amusing.


Devonna said...

I may have to try this one ~ I have no idea when I'll get to it, but it looks cute.

sybil said...

I have got to go to work. Like 10 mins ago... but I will double check and see if I still have it.

I didn't like it. I forget why, so I am thinking it is gone.