Tuesday, November 28

And the chaos begins...

Well, it's the holiday season, I guess that means everyone's stress level will be ratcheting up. This week is rather chaotic, but things should settle down for a couple of weeks before getting pre-Christmas crazy.

Bingo today, family obligation tomorrow, school fundraiser Thursday--at Barnes & Noble, half a day of school Friday and our first round of holiday entertaining is Saturday. Throw in basketball practice and cleaning the house and I've got a full week.

We've got 4 birthdays between now and Christmas and one of my SIL's is pregnant and her due date is the 15th.

The house is decorated, and the Christmas cards are written, but waiting for a picture of Junior. Baking and candy making will start next week and the shopping is just about finished. I'm hoping to have everything finished and wrapped by the 15th--is it do-able??

I'm still working my way through the Patricia Potter romantic suspense--I'll try to find time to post about it tomorrow.

Have a great day and happy reading!!


nath said...

WOW, what's quite the holiday season... and it's just the beginning. I don't think that I do half of what you do! Moms are so great :)

CindyS said...

Egads! I knew I was behind already!!


Rosie said...

We have 5 birthdays in immediate family before Christmas mine included. Having a birthday a week before Christmas...not fun.

Everyone's busy. For the most part I enjoy all the holiday hullabaloo, I'm just missing the blogging.

Tara Marie said...

nath, Moms are great--LOL.

Cindy, you're probably not behind, I'm obsessing.

Rosie, My Mom's and my MIL's birthdays are the 17th, mine's the 24th. I'm a champ at Christmas birthdays--LOL.

Rosie said...

Hey TM, mines' the 17th too! So is my husbands. Yeah, weren't we smart? We got married on Nov 29th all the celebrating in a month. I have one sister on Nov 28th, one on Dec 18th and one on Jan 1st. Lost of holiday birthdays. Even if you are a champ, don't you long for a birthday in June sometimes? I do!

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, I guess because Mom's birthday is in December she always made sure it was separate from Christmas and made me feel special because of the Christmas Eve thing, so I never felt the desire for a change of birthday venue.

Boy, the 17th is one busy day, I'll try to remember to wish you a happy. One of my BIL's birthdays is the 14th and we're all looking forward to the new baby.