Thursday, November 16

Leave a comment... ***EDITED***

Yesterday while shopping with my sister and Mom, my mom announced she spoke with my brother and heard all about "The Sleep Over". Oops, I guess I hadn't mentioned it to Mom. Now, I hadn't talked to or emailed him, apparently he or my SIL read the blog, I'm leaning toward the SIL.

I also know my husband is checking in every few days. ***EDITED*** At 1:00 Friday morning he pointed out that I should be more careful about what I post... "What if...", so this ended up edited at 4:00 Friday morning--Oh The Guilt--LOL.

You know guys, you could delurk and leave a comment once in a while.

When the Neo Counter shows a visitor from somewhere unusual, say India or Saudi Arabia I wish they'd leave a comment. I'd love to know whether or not they like the blog or how they found me.

And for those who seem to find me because they're google searching for porn, sorry you'll have to look elsewhere. You folks don't need to leave a comment.

Yesterday's odd google search was "my friends hot mom Mrs. Carrington". So, I wonder just how hot Mrs. Carrington is.

Have a great day and happy reading.

PS--My Neo Counter isn't working now, something about the server, I wonder if it's theirs or mine, oh well.


Rosario said...

When the Neo Counter shows a visitor from somewhere unusual, say India or Saudi Arabia I wish they'd leave a comment.

Me, too! I had someone from The Vatican visit the other day, and I wish I knew the story behind that. Though I do know that he or she came over from Bam's site, and that's mind-boggling enough! ;-)

Jenster said...

I've thought the same thing, Tara! I would LOVE to know where and why these people are visiting my blog. And if they ever come back.

I had a visitor from Israel who I know through the breast cancer board. So that was kind of cool.


Megan Frampton said...

I always assume they just got a hit on some weird search they were doing to find me...but I've had visitors from Kuwait, and the Czech Republic, and Iran, and all sorts of places. Malta once, too, I think.

Tara, I hope your relatives delurk! My MIL reads my blog, but doesn't know how to comment (besides, what would she say--your husband is too thin! You're not doting on my grandchild enough!). I know my mom doesn't, but my dad does.

ames said...

LOL Tara!

I looked under my keyword search and it was something along the lines of "party in her pants." I had a good laugh over that one. :P

Tara Marie said...

Rosario, The Vatican--wow, now that's cool.

Jen, I realize from my stat counter that some are regular visitors, I'd love to know what they think.

Megan, my MIL would probably be unhappy to see Junior's picture all over, that internet's a dangerous place.

Ames, Party in her pants--LOL.

meljean brook said...

"Though I do know that he or she came over from Bam's site, and that's mind-boggling enough!"

Oh, good god. The apocalypse is coming, and they are studying up. *goes into hiding*


My statistics don't work anymore -- alas, my spam somehow got crazy on my last blog, and all of my referrers seem to be porn sites. Oh! except for the He-Man and Teela porn requests.

Rosie said...

When Holly mentioned Active Meter I decided I'd give it a try because she was getting more detailed stats. I have to say I love it. For some reason I get alot of people from Germany...go figure.

It's a hoot each day to see what search phrase brought someone to your sight, isn't it?

Tara Marie said...

Meljean, LOL--I was thinking the same thing, research and what the heck could they be thinking about Bam's cover snarks--Yikes.

Rosie, Stat Counter isn't bad, but it does only keep detail for a day, but of course I'm too cheap to actually pay for the detailed service.

Kyahgirl said...

your counter would show me as being in Michigan right now but that's because I'm at work shhh.

If I check from home you'll see me from Alberta :-)

martha said...

*sigh* OK, I've been busted for reading without commenting. So here's my comment. It's a very entertaining blog.

Tara Marie said...

Kyahgirl--my hubby checks from work all the time too.

Martha--I'm kind of relieved you find it entertaining, but maybe your just being nice because your my SIL--LOL.