Monday, November 20

Linda Howard Again... And an HTML question

I've been on a Linda Howard kick again. Read three over the weekend. Son of the Morning, Open Season and Midnight Rainbow.

Midnight Rainbow was book three of my "Can You Guess The Book" post. Published originally in 1986, it was my first Linda Howard. I think it's safe to say I've gone on to read everything she's written. I'm now looking for my copy of Diamond Bay, you can't really read MR and not DB--LOL.

My husband spent a good part of yesterday afternoon flipping between football games and a program about The Templars, so I've decide to bug him into reading Son of the Morning.

Open Season is my go to book right now, you know the book you pick up because you don't know what to read but need to read something. I love the condom/drugstore scene, it makes me laugh everytime I read it.

I'm trying to figure out how to put a border around a blockquote or part of a blog post, does anyone know how to do this? Ames does this and I love the look. Ames or anyone else out there--HELP.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Devonna said...

I've lost my mojo to do just about everthing ~ I'm not reading, and I'm struggling with blogging. It must be the time of the season. I did get a LH at the library this weekend (although at the moment, it escapes me which one) and I'm hoping to read it soon. I haven't read any of these LH, but I'm sure I will. I got hooked after reading Mr. Perfect.

ames said...

I just sent you an email with some codes. :P

I read Open Season once and it wasn't my favourite. But I've been feeling a reread because it's Linda Howard. LOL

Rosario said...

Midnight Rainbow's just about the only LH I've got left to read for the first time. I've been saving it for a rainy day :-D

Tara Marie said...

Devonna, being a LH fangirl I like everything. Hopefully you'll get you mojo back soon.

Ames, your the best, thanks.

Rosario, I love Jane and Grant, hopefully you will too.

Anonymous said...

Grrr, I didn't refresh my browser and I was starting to wonder where you were - turns out you've been here all along!

Do you like LH's historicals? I'm thinking of re-trying them - a friend of mine years ago lent me the historicals telling me LH was her favorite author (1991 round about). I don't know which book I read but there was a scene with a whip - I didn't care for the story and I can't remember if I read the others she gave me. It wasn't until I picked up Dream Man that I became a fan and then the glom began! I like many of her older titles - Diamond Bay etc. Even stories that would seem too far fetched, she's made work (the one where the heroine believes the man in a hospital bed is her husband - can't remember if he has amnesia as well).

I did a re-read of Howard's last December and re-discovered some great books (for some reason I had decided Open Season and Mr. Perfect were the butler story (that one didn't work for me)).

Okay, that's enough from me ;)

Oh, Ames, I need those codes too!!


Tara Marie said...

Cindy, It's a little before 6 in the morning so I hope I'm right, Angel Creek the book with the whip. I like her historicals but a lot of people don't, the heros are uber alpha, very controlling, yet I like that the women hold their ground and never knuckle under to them.

I don't love everything she writes, but I never hate them either.

Jenster said...

Ooo! I bet my DH would like Son of the Morning. Maybe I should do a reread and pass it on.

Dylan said...

I don't know how to do those things either, Ames, send me those codes too, I think they're so cool!

I love Open Season, that's such a good book..I'll have to work on a reread of that book soon, with some other LH's to throw in there, love me some LH!

Rosie said...

I just saw on KarenS site that she's got Open Season out to read so it made me pull mine out. Although I'm reading and would blog, I've been busier than a ya-hoo this past week. I love having my husband home, but he messes with my routine!! *g*

Rosie said...

Oops...forgot! TM will pass along the code you got from Ames? My email is I love the boxed blurbs too.