Saturday, November 25

A Ramble

This year Thanksgiving was at my parent's house. My mom is an excellent cook and dinner was amazing. Days worth of preparation and it's finished in less than 1/2 an hour. My poor husband was horrified, there was no pies for dessert. "How can you have Thanksgiving without a #&*#%*% pie?" The man's mother makes 4 or 5 different pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family aren't pie people--he finds that totally bizarre.

Mom sent each of us home with enough leftovers for at least one meal. Guess what we had for dinner?? Nope, pizza, garlic knots and fried ravioli, the Friday Night Special at our local pizza delivery place. What can I say, we were all in the mood for pizza.

My husband and son are good for my ego, on the way home on Thanksgiving both said I was a better cook, which I know isn't really true, but made me feel good.

Junior's been sick since Tuesday. Came home with a runny nose, and we kept him home on Wednesday. Wednesday was a Mommy day. "Mommy keep me company... Mommy can I have more soup... Mommy can I have juice... Mommy can I have a candy bar?" That one got a no--LOL. He was actually much better by Thursday and now only has a little bit of a lingering cough.

My husband is off until Monday. We spent Black Friday completely avoided shopping with the exception of a local farm market. They have a great little Christmas section and I saw a large Christmas stocking that is actually a Christmas Card Holder, I'm going to try and make it.

I finished Francis Ray's Dreaming of You before we left for my parents yesterday. It was my first book by Ms. Ray and it was pretty good. Unfortunately it was the 3rd in the Grayson series. I'm going to look for the rest of the series. I liked the characters and storyline, friends falling in love. That's not exactly right, it's more of an unrequited love/friends falling in love story and I like the premise, Mom of 5 children is trying to get them married off. I liked the interaction between the h/h, but dialogue between the men in the story was a little iffy, not horrible, but didn't completely ring true--I'm such a nit picker about this.

I'm reading Patricia Potter's newest Romantic Suspense. I think she's been writing RS for a while, but this is my first. I used to read her old westerns, but haven't read anything of hers in years, I wonder why, she's a good writer. Oh well, too many books too little time.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Kristie (J) said...

I'd never heard of the expression Black Friday until just yesterday. I guess it's the #1 shopping day of the year? Here it's Boxing day. I avoid the stores like crazy too on those days.
No pies does sound a bit odd :)
I read a couple of Potter's RS and wasn't that impressed with them. Having said that, I do have her latest one. I wish she would go back to Westerns *sigh* as I love those ones too.

Devonna said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I haven't read any of Potter's RS ~ I have some of her historicals that I bought at the library, but haven't read them yet.

Jenster said...

Sounds like a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was very quiet. The first we can remember without any family - just the four of us. Was actually kind of nice. Waaaay too much in the way of leftovers, though. lol


Tara Marie said...

Kristie, It seems shopping has become part of the Thanksgiving tradition, personally I try to avoid the stores like the plague. My husband ventured to Toys-R-Us yesterday mid-morning and it was empty, picked up a few things for the child.

I promised to make my husband a banana cream pie to make up for his "No Pie Thanksgiving."

Patricia Potter wrote some of the best westerns and I'm not overly impressed with this RS, but then I think I'm being a little picky.

Devonna, we did have a nice day and give PP's westerns a try--very good.

Jen, Glad to hear you had a nice day. I love leftovers!! I saved enough stuffing, turkey and homemade cranberry sauce for a sandwich, everything else Mom sent home is gone.

mamx said...

mmm i live in canada so thankgiving over but now im hungering for all the turkey and fixins. american thankgiving is making canadian hungry again heh. mm
i had to say the cold case tv show or is cold file tv show that come on tv here sunday night. last sunday was a doozy of a show. it was about this sad frumpy not so attractive and voracious romance reader who get scammed by lothario at dating videotape service in 1990 . he chooses her and wthey go on dates. he the perfect romantic hero she fall forhim . then she finds out he only dating her for money and to steal things from her apt. she catches him. but here the twist. she get to keep him around. he was gonna disappear but she appealed to his crimal nature by helping him with the scamming of womem by helping him to set up the women adn married them and the kill them on the wedding day to get money , etc . i jsut found it all so sad. she was murdered in 1990 something . flashforward to 2006. he dies of self inflicted gun shot. the show about them two. it all tragic and sad and romantic. it all very sad i find and totaly memorable . did i blather on too much? she a big time romance reader and they made her the saddest most frumpy thing ever! not sure what to make of it . hard to believe 1990 is so long ago and is another era . now the 1990s is another another era which i cant remember at all . for the good old days. have a great weekend . mamx from nb , canada where there no snow yet !did i jinx it > heh heh

Rosie said...

TM, while my family always had a pumpkin pie or two because it is a holiday tradition, we always have other desserts as well. The past few years with our family growing in size we usually get together for dessert. I made a chocolate layered thing I found on line with whip creme and raspberries. Everyone liked it. I tell my kids it's nice to have traditions but it shouldn't keep you from trying new things.

We never shop on Black Friday. While I usually don't mind crowds of people because I'm a people watcher, it's just too chaotic for me. Did your stores open at 5 and 6 a.m. for early bird sales? That's just nutty.

CindyS said...

Okay, don't quote me but I think the news said tonight that retailers in the States made 8 billion dollars on Black Friday. Wow! The name alone would scare me from ever venturing out of the house!

Boxing Day is another day I don't go shopping at traditional stores. Bob and I have gone to a carpet shop to buy remnants.

I worked in retail for years so I worked weekends until I was 24. I remember going out to a mall on a Saturday for the first time in years. I was completely floored and frustrated by the number of people and how slow they walked. Since then I only shop during the week!

Both families do pies which really blew as a kid because I didn't eat them. I would get ice cream. Bob's family however, doesn't make 'real' gravy and instead makes it from a packet. For me, it's not a real turkey dinner without 'true' gravy.

You're a great wife for making your hubby a pie ;)

I think I read a Potter historical there years ago but my memory is consistently failing me lately!

AND - I know, I'm long winded - I hope Junior is feeling much better!