Tuesday, November 21

Life's oddities... and a couple other thoughts

Yesterday was one of those odd days that left little questions about the inane oddities of life.

Why is it ...

  • the woman who cut me off in town had a "Respect Mother Earth..." bumper sticker and was driving a huge SUV while flicking ashes and a cigarette butt out her window?
  • when the supermarket is doing give aways with their "spend a gazillion dollars and get a free turkey or ham" deal they never have the size they're "giving away" the turkeys or ham are 5 lbs bigger and you have to pay the difference?
  • the book I wanted from the library isn't available when I'm there, but is available 3 hours later?*
  • I can't find shirts to fit my son, 4/5 is way too small and 6/7 is way to big?
  • that Amazon takes over a week to tell me the Disney Princess Belle I ordered for my niece was out of stock?
  • after 24 years the village still questions why we've never had a water meter?
  • a 5 year old needs privacy when taking off clothes, but has no problem running around the house completely naked?

*I shouldn't complain about the book, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, I knew that they were holding it for someone else and they called to tell me the other person cancelled, it was nice they called so quickly.

One of the books I picked up at the library was Nora Roberts' Angel Falls, I've read about half the book and OMG, the heroine is one of the most neurotic characters I've ever seen in a romance, yet it completely works (Jane, I haven't reached the canoe scene yet, of course that wont really matter as I'm clueless about canoe etiquette).

So last week when my Mom and sister took me out for "Girls Day Out" it turns out they've been living under the misconception I've been languishing in SAHM martyrdom because I wear old patched jeans. I had to point out that my old patched jeans are 1. my favorites, 2. incredibly comfortable, 3. have pockets for keys and money and 4. clean. I've promised to wear nicer pants/skirts in public. We had a nice lunch and Mom gave me my birthday present a month early.

Got to go, Junior's in the shower and we're going to be late for school.

Have a good one and happy reading.

PS--I've a column up on RTB, read about the conversion of a non-romance believer.


Dylan said...

LOL, I've often wondered the same things when I see such violent drivers on the road with their italian hand gestures and then on the back of their car is a What Would Jesus Do bumper sticker...things like that make me shake my head.

I've often wondered the same thing about my daughter, she's got this thing about closing and locking the door while she's changing her clothes, but when she walks to the shower, she walks in bare a** naked..makes not one lick of sense.

I want to read Angels Fall, are you enjoyiing it?

Dylan said...

..ohh I'm on my way to read your column.

Devonna said...

I've got Angels Fall on my request list at the library ~ I'm hoping to get it soon, but I'm still 5th in the cue (I was something like 26th when I requested it).