Tuesday, September 1

1 Missing Book and 1 Finished...

If I remember correctly Kristie has a theory that when something's lost don't look for it, it will eventually show up on it's own.  I can't seem to find my copy of Demon Bound,  which I was completely enjoying, love the spider thingy--even though it grosses me out :)  I believe it's on the bottom of one of my clean laundry baskets and I probably wont find it until I actually put the laundry away or have to go digging for something in particular.

So, I spent the last 24 hours reading  The Courtesan's Secret.  I enjoy the dialogue and Sophia is fantastic--again.  Loved Henry. He's completely on to Sophia and his mother. He doesn't care since he's getting exactly what he wants, Louisa.  But, once again there are too many characters to keep track of.  After visiting Claudia Dain's website, I realized she has a family tree listed for each book.  I don't know, but if you need to create a list of characters for a book, there are probably too many to start with, just saying.

Maybe I'll just put the laundry away and hopefully Demon Bound will be found, or maybe I'll dig through the baskets instead.

Have a great day and happy reading.

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