Friday, September 4

Cub Scouts...

This post comes with a disclaimer...

I firmly believe Cub Souts and Scouting in general are wonderful
 for children and I'm very happy that my son is involved. 
My dislike comes from the organized and sometimes
not so organized chaos that are Den Meetings.

***I don't do chaos well.***

The Best Friend's Dad started a Cub Scout Pack affiliated with our school when the boys were in 1st grade.  So therefore, if the BF is doing it Junior must too.  If the BF's Dad is running things, the BF's Mom is running things too and if the BF's Mom is running something she sucks me in like a vacuum cleaner.

I am officially a member of the Pack Committee (Secretary/Treasurer)--I just finished typing up 4 pages of notes from our last "Official Pack Committee Meeting."  Honestly, I put up a good fight, I truly tried not to get involved, hoped and prayed someone else would step up and say "I'll do it."  But, it wasn't to be.  The Vacuum that is the BF's Mom sucked me right up and wont spit me back out until the boys are Boy Scouts, though I have heard whispers that the church might be willing to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop--then I'm doomed.

So where is my hubby in all of this?  The Vacuum sucks him up for Cub Scout Camping--I REFUSE to sleep in a tent.  I don't princess up about much, but this is one of the few things I will not do.  I'll help plan it, I'll do the food shopping, I'll help pack up the mini-van, but I will not camp.  He gets to set up camp and cook and clean and hike (though they don't make him do too much of this--he has bad knees).  He gets to teach fishing to dozens of kids under the age of 10.  Camp days are planned right down to the last minute, from the minute they get up until the minute they go to bed something is planned.  While he is roughing it I am home enjoying Chinese food and reading marathons :)

When he (the darling husband) reads this he will find out that he will be doing den meetings this fall.  Our Pastor in his infinite wisdom (with a little prodding from his bookkeeper :)) has decided to hold a Church History class on Tuesday nights (Den meeting night)--thank you God!!  For a few blessed weeks I will be free of Cub Scouts.  If only you could see the happy dance.

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