Sunday, September 6

book order list...

Sybil asked what came in the Amazon order:
  • The Vampire Quest--Vivi Anna
  • Veiled Truth--Vivi Ana
  • Dangerous Lover--Lisa Marie Rice
  • Dangerous Secrets--Lisa Marie Rice
  • Dangerous Passion--Lisa Marie Rice
  • Seducing an Angel--Mary Balogh
  • The Courtesan's Wager--Claida Dain
  • Untamed--Hope Tarr (the cover of this book is absolutely horrendous)
So far I've read the 3 Lisa Marie Rice and Seducing an Angel.  I just realized I've read 4 books in 2 days, guess I'm on a good roll : )

I liked the Lisa Marie Rice's Dangerous... books.    Rice has a fun voice, though I did find her somewhat repetative in how she describes things, and since this is a PG blog, many of the things that were annoying I wont quote here :)   I probably wouldn't have noticed it so much if I hadn't read them right after the other.  But, I must say they were entertaining in a suspend your belief sort of way.  This doesn't bother me.  Linda Howard's Burn required this also, not the wining the lottery part, the hostage taking part had me seriously rolling my eyes.  I still enjoyed the book because I loved the interaction between the hero and heroine.

Mary Balogh's Seducing an Angel was a typical Balogh story.  I should qualify this by saying I was hoping Cassandra was going to be a real bad girl, not the fake one she turned out to be.   For me it was still a good book and it was probably the best of the series.  I'm looking forward to Con's story.

Next up The Courtesan's Wager.


sybil said...

YAY! The Hope Tarr is really very good. I recall liking the whole series. And I enjoy Lisa Marie Rice, even her Avon's, not as much as her EC's but still good.

Tara Marie said...

Sybil, if you come back to this one, I LOVED the first 2 books in the Tarr series, when I came back to serious reading I searched out the last one.