Monday, September 14

New books

I ran around Friday like a chicken with my head chopped off.  It was one of those days that kind of spiralled out of control--not bad, just busy.  Ended up at B&N to get our niece a gift card as part of her birthday present and of course picked up a few books for myself.  I didn't really need more books, I certainly have plenty on my TBR pile, but these beckoned and I answered...
  1. With Seduction in Mind by Laura Lee Guhrke:   Rosie has a good review of this book.  It wasn't great, nor was it bad, but for me it was somewhat disappointing.  I've been autobuying Laura Lee Guhrke for years, The Girl-Bachelor series has me rethinking this.
  2. MacKenzie's Legacy (MacKenzie's Mountain and MacKenzie's Mission)  by Linda Howard:  As if I haven't already read these  two books over and over and over and over again.  And, I read them again this weekend--still LOVE them :)  I've worn out two original MacKenzie's Mountain and I can't seem to find my copy of Mission.  For me, this is Linda Howard at her very best.  Strong alpha heros and equally strong heroines--it doesn't get better than that.
  3. Never Love a Lawman by Jo Goodman:  Honestly, I think I bought this book for the cover :)  I'm about 70 pages into this and I'm not loving her story set-up.  I know the point is to be mysterious, but it's not working for me.  But it is a long book (almost 440 pages) so I'm going to keep at it, maybe it needs a long set-up to go with the large word count.
I was going to comment on some of the things I've seen around while blog hopping (bad romance mothers and the ebook vs print book thing), but I think I need to actually formulate what I want to say before I post something.

Have a great day/night and happy reading.


Rosie said...

I almost picked up Howard's re-release of the MacKenzie books just because it had the name Mackenzie on the cover. I think Mackenzie Mountain is my most re-read romance.

Jo Goodman is a good writer and Lord knows I love a western but this one was missing something. Wish I could put my finger on what it is.

sybil said...

Keep going! The beginning is a bit of a cluster and you are going huh what for a bit. But I think it falls into place well.

And I do so love the characters. I am very much a Goodman fan but was seeing some thing really repeat with her heroines. I think she starts to break away here.

Love what she does with the town, which is almost a character itself. And the hero is fabu but her heroes always are (sez me *g*).

Tara Marie said...

Rosie--MacKenzie's Mountain is probably one of my top rereads too :)

Sybil is right it gets better, but I'm 160+ pages into it and I still don't know why Rachel ran away. I'm close though.

Sybil: Love what she does with the town, which is almost a character itself. And the hero is fabu but her heroes always are (sez me *g*).

sez me too. Wyatt--fantastic. I'm also loving "that no-account Beatty boy". He just kissed Rose :)

Tara Marie said...

Sybil--I've reached the point where it doesn't matter why she's running, which is probably a good thing or I'd be really annoyed by now.

Wendy said...

Still need to read the Goodman. Cripes, I suck. In my defense, it's sitting on my desk at home, smacking me in the face every time I hop on the Internet.

sybil said...

We need to put that on an icon or ohhh maybe a t-shirt...

TaraMarie sez Sybil is Right!

I like *eg*

Tara Marie said...

Ladies: got up at 3:00 this morning to finish the Goodman--LOVED it :) and went back to sleep arount 4:30.

I'll blog about it later :)

sybil said...

yes... t-shirts

good lord I need to finish that review