Friday, September 11

The Joy of a Boy...

This morning Junior and I had an interesting conversation...

Me:  "While I'm in the shower get dressed... underwear, t-shirt, socks, polo shirt, blue shorts and school sweatshirt." (please notice I list everything he needs to put on, if I don't, he'll forget something)

Junior:  "I'll wear the underwear from yesterday."

Me:  "Put on clean underwear."

Junior:  "I think yesterday's are clean."

Me:  Put on clean underwear"

Junior:  "But they're clean."

Me:  Put on clean underwear anyway."  (I'm starting to get exasperated...)

Junior:  "I'm telling you they're clean."  (He's getting more exasperated.)

Me:  "Put on clean underwear."  (more exasperated..)

Junior:  "Are you hearing me clearly?" (at this point I was stepping into the shower, not only am I hearing him clearly so is the rest of our neighborhood))

Me:  "I hear you perfectly clear.  Put on clean underwear."

Junior:  "Okay."


meljean brook said...

I am just lucky if I can get my girl to *wear* underwear. She says they are either uncomfortable or too hot. Shorts are okay; underwear, no. *headdesk*

Bookwormom said...

LOL :) You're much more patient than I would've been, shower or no shower. :) I have two boys (now teens) who used to return from scout trips with bags full of clean underwear. OMG- it grosses me out just remembering. :P

Happy weekend~Amanda

CindyS said...

So the question would be if he thought yesterdays underwear was clean, which pair did he put on? Yes, my brain works that way.

Meljean - my youngest Godson has been going commando for years (he's 8 now). I asked him if maybe he was worried about getting 'pants'd' at school. He said no one in his school did that. *sigh* His mother bought him glow in the dark underwear - the last I heard he'd tried them on in the dark to watch them glow. Wonder if he's still wearing them ;)


Tara Marie said...

Meljean--please, the child went "commando" for a good part of the summer.

He has a little girl in his class who announced to her mom that they needed to talk with Sister M. the uniform is uncomfortable and she just couldn't wear underwear until the uniform was fixed--that was in kindergarten. She still fights with her about the underwear thing.

Amanda--I've heard absolute horror stories about boys at scout camp--LOL. And to be honest our scout campouts have only been a couple of nights--it's gross but not creepy gross :)

Cindy--he put on a "new" clean pair :)

The boys down our street are a little rough and one pants'd another and I pointed out to Junior it's probably good that it didn't happen to him, because he's commando on a regular basis.

Rosie said...

Wow my boys were tighty whitey guys almost all the way through grade school mostly because super heros were on their underwear.

I had a similar conversation with Shmoo only instead of underwear insert take a shower. For a little more than a year we argued about showering almost daily. He would even go into the bathroom start the shower and sit there for 10 minutes rather than shower.

Of course as soon as discovered girls that all changed. Now he takes loooooong showers.

The "joy of a boy" indeed.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie--no superheros :) He prefers boxers and boxer briefs.

I have a few more years before the long shower thing, I don't want to think about it--LOL