Friday, September 25

The Week in Review...

I guess this post could be 2 fold.  It could be my reading reviews for the week and it could be what's going on in life.  Since I only managed to finish one book, the post will have to be about life :)

This was and still is a going and going week...
  • Monday was orientation night at school.  We visit the teachers and hear all about the current year's curriculum.  It was a wonderful visit with the teacher as Junior is doing well and BEHAVING himself in the classroom.  You can not imagine how exciting this is after the disaster that was last year.  I was there early to help hand out Gertrude Hawke Candy for our annual candy sale fundraiser.  Our family has to sell 96 candy bars for $1 each--anyone interested ??  Dad's taking half of them to work--we need to get them out of the house or we'll be eating them and honestly who could possibly eat 96 candy bars in 2 weeks (that's when the $ is due back to the school)
  • Tuesday was our busy day.  Work (Mom and Dad), homework (Mom and Junior), soccer practice (Mom, Junior and the BFF--I actually do the dropping off, the BFF's Mom does the picking up), Cub Scouts (Junior and Dad), and Church History class (Mom)
  • Wednesday was our quite day.  I cooked dinner and we sat down to eat together.  Picked up the Kleypas and Carlyle. I started the new Carlyle.
  • Thursday was Open House at our school.  We do this periodically to promote the school. I worked Open House until about 8:15, then I sat in on a meeting to deal with private school issues. But I did find time to finish the new Carlyle--loved it :)
  • Friday will be another work day, I'm also working our after care program (Friday's aren't bad at after care--no homework :))  Tomorrow night there's a Coffee House at our church--I promised to bake cookies (I'm actually going to use the leftover cookies from the School Open House).  I'm looking forward to the Coffee House, it's our first, I know the music will be great.
  • Saturday--Dad has to work, Junior has a soccer game and we have a 40th birthday party Saturday night for which we have not purchased a gift yet, so I guess that means Junior and I are shopping while Dad is at work.
  • Sunday--Church and Bingo, I'll be missing football.
It wasn't a good reading week.  But if you only get one book finished in a week it might as well be a good one--Liz Carlyle's Wicked All Night qualified.

Next week will be much better.  Tuesday will be busy but other than that we'll have normal week.


Rosario said...

That is quite a week! Glad the one book you read was good.. I can't wait to read the Carlyle! I'm saving it for Saturday :-)

Tara Marie said...

It's Saturday--I hope you're enjoying it :)

Bookwormom said...

Have to echo what Rosario said- that's quite a week! My house hasn't been all that much quieter, truth be told. I swear there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. Then there's my own homework to do...