Thursday, September 10

today's thoughts...

So far so good, Junior likes his teacher, which has me relieved as he asked during the summer if he could go to a different Catholic school for 3rd grade and come back for 4th.  Mrs. R is very strict and Junior has some, hmm shall we say, behavior issues.  He's not really bad, rather mischievous with a sarcastic tone (I can't imagine where he gets that :), his teacher last year wasn't swayed by his cute face, which got him through kindergarten and 1st grade without any real problems--"He's so cute, how can you get mad at him." is a quote from the kindergarten teacher, and his 1st grade teacher would say he was wickedly funny.  I should have realized that wasn't good.  He thinks the Smart Board in his class is way cool, and they were the first to use the playground during recess, apparently this never happened in 2nd grade. All the homework for the last two days has been mine--covering workbooks with contact paper.

The hubby is working late, which is a good thing considering he is in contractor sales and the construction industry stinks right now.

I've not read anything since the weekend. That's not really true. I reread the last 100 pages of Catherine Coulter's Fire Song, one of those books that would be a wall banger if I'd actually reread the entire thing.  The first 100 or so pages aren't bad and the last 100 are good--I love a good grovel and Graelam's realizing he's in love and having to follow Kassia home to Belleterre when she leaves him always entertains me, what can I say I'm rather easily entertained, sad I know :) Junior took one look at the clinch cover from my 1985 edition and announced it was gross.

I need to start chopping veggies for a stir fry.  Have a great day/night and happy reading.


Rosario said...

Isn't Fire Song the one with the hero who'd raped a woman in a previous book? I did enjoy some Coulters way back when (not this particular one, I'm afraid), but I haven't been brave enough to reread them!

Tara Marie said...

I hate to admit it, I think it is, there is mention of it in Firesong. He even forces/rapes the heroine in the middle of this one. I haven't ever reread Chandra (I'm not sure what the rerelease title was) so I don't remember the scene and I skip that whole section of Firesong.

I know the whole thing should be a deal breaker but there is something in his realization that he's a dog that I like. I also like he's a pussy cat in the rest of the series (which I haven't reread in years) much more caring and gentle towards women in general.