Friday, September 4

Just stuff...

Last night we went to a friend's house to shoot rockets.  This is a man and kid thing (I know most men are kids:).  The Moms weren't as into it as the Dads.  There were 3 families with 8 kids combined, all the kids are 8 or under.  And of course the rocket got stuck in a tree after the first launch.  We did have a great barbeque and visit while the kids ran around playing for hours.

The Best Friend is sleeping over tonight. He's already here.  They're playing the Wii and honestly if that child calls my son "Dude" one more time I may have to smack him (not really).  I hate "Dude" especially coming out of an 8 year olds mouth.  We're thinking about taking them to the drive-in to see Shorts. We're not sure it's worth the 1/2 hour drive to only see one movie. The drive-in is running a double features on 2 screens, but they're showing Shorts with The Final Destination, which we wouldn't think of letting 8 year olds watch. The other screen is showing Inglourious Basterds and Halloween II, neither of which are appropriate for kids.

I had to go into work today for 3 hours to do next week's church bulletin and write some checks. I actually enjoy putting together the bulletin. It changes week to week and I play with graphics and fonts to keep things different. That way people may be more inclined to actually read it.

Junior often comes with me to work during the summer. He brought a book with him, started and finished  it (about 80 pages) while we were there. He has been reading Magic Tree House books this summer. Today's was about Clara Barton and the Civil War. Actually getting him to read is like pulling teeth, but once a story grabs him he will read until he's finished the book. Sounds familiar--the reading until he's finished part, not the pulling teeth to get him to do it :) I know he's ready to move on to more complicated books, but I don't want to fight with him about reading.

After work we went to the eye doctor. We both had appointments. I'd misplaced my glass and Kristie's "ignore lost stuff and it'll eventually show" thing didn't work. I've been using cheap magnifiers that I picked up at the grocery store, but I really needed knew ones--the magnifiers give me a headache.

It was Junior's first real eye exam. He has had the read the eye chart thing at school and the pediatrician, but never with an eye doctor. I was very impressed by how serious he took the exam, he paid attention did everything asked of him and he was good for the eye drops and eye scan. The eye doctor didn't feel he needed glasses now, but wants to see him in a couple of months and he's back in school. She feels he's slightly borderline for readers, because one eye is weaker than the other. So, we'll be going back in November.

I guess I've blathered on enough.  Have a great day and happy reading.


meljean brook said...

My daughter LOVES the Magic Tree House books. And I love that they teach her stuff along the way :-D

She's also borderline with the glasses. I imagine that in the next few years, she'll have to get them, but right now, as long as she can see/read well, it seems easier not to pull my hair out over a six-year-old trying to remember where she put them (I lose mine all the time, so I have no hope for her.)

Tara Marie said...

Meljean, they really are great books. He also reads Star Wars and Indian Jones books.

As the Dr. was doing the "how is this?" thing with the lense machine I kept thinking... "if I lose my glasses regularly, how am I going to keep him from losing his?"