Thursday, September 3

Demon Bound

After announcing that most of my posts probably wont be about books, my first one will be about a book--which is probably typical of me  :)

Before I misplaced it I had read about half of Meljean Brook's Demon Bound and managed to finish it tonight while watching the Yankees and Top Chef Las Vegas (one of my guilty pleasures).  Most of the people who will be reading this post probably knows I "knew" Meljean before she became a big time published author.  From the first novella--Falling for Anthony--I knew she had a unique and different voice and she comes through again :)

I enjoyed this book.  Meljean always creates great characters, well developed and interesting.  I loved Jake, his strengths and anxieties.  Loved when he met his great-granddaughter.  Alice creeped me out at first, and I have to say I really liked that--LOL

If you're not reading Meljean Brook, you should be :)

Next up--Karin Tabke's Master of Surrender, I started it when I couldn't find Demon Bound.  And, I'm really enjoying it too.   This is my second book of this series, read Master of Craving first and need to order Master of Torment.  I have to say it's wonderful to read some decent, gritty and exciting medievals.  Definitely worth a read.

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