Wednesday, September 2

why things will be different...

When I was considering blogging again, it was with a thought that I would like to go back to where I was before I basically took a year off, but over the last week I realized that's probably not going to happen--going back that is, I hope to keep blogging, but it will be different.

While I was a full time SAHM, I spent a tremendous amount of time reading, visiting message boards and then eventually starting my blog in March 2005.  My world was built around being a mom and my love of  reading romance.  Two years ago I went back to work, my son was in school full time and to be honest we needed the money.  We choose to send him to a Catholic school and tuition isn't cheap.  At first I worked for a company from home, but 4 months into that I was offered the job at our church and to be completely honest, I truly enjoy what I do.

Books and reading had been relegated back to a hobby for me, blogging about books took a back seat to life.  I'd rather spend what little free time I have reading or with my family.  But like I said in my post last week, I miss my on-line friends and I miss talking about books.  While I was writing different posts during the week I realized, I'm likely to write more about life than I am books, and that will probably not hold much interest to most people in romance blogland.

I wont be reviewing books like I did in the past.  I'll discuss them, comment on what I liked or didn't like, bemoan when sequels will be out.  But, for the most part this blog will be about the life of a mom dealing with work, school, cub scouts, soccer, baseball and trying desperately to keep up with her huge TBR pile.

Honestly, I don't have time to obsess about what I'm reading or what's going on in the romance blog world.  I want to be able to have someplace to talk about my day and my books. I will probably bore a lot of people, but I'm writing for me now, so I wont be looking for ARCs or blog hits or give-aways.  It's possible I'll talk as much about Scott Hahn as I do about Linda Howard.

Don't be surprised if the blog's look changes or even the name (though you'll still be able to find me at

I hope people will continue to visit.  Have a great day and happy reading :)


sybil said...

Verra happy to have you back, however it is ;)

It was you I missed. Of course still would love to know what you are reading *g*. But tis nothing but a thing.

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Syb :)

I'll always talk about what I'm reading, it's part of me, it's just not as big a part of me.

Wendy said...

I think every blog evolves over time. I'm in the process of adding tags to my archives - and holy cow! The Bat Cave was way different back in 2003 from what it is today. Check back with me in another year, and it'll probably be even more different. We all have our "voices," but we change and grow as people. When we do, so does our "voice."

I'm just so happy to have you back. No matter what the heck you choose to blog about :)

Tara Marie said...

Wendy--I agree blogs are very fluid and change, it's that books probably wont be that central to what I'm interested in blogging about.

Rosie said...

I'm currently in a state of change too. However, I haven't figured out what my new normal is so I'm just blogging by the seat of my pants. It's very liberating.

Like Sybil said. It's just wonderful to have you back.

Tara Marie said...

Rosie, that's just it. Last year I had the hardest time finding the "new normal".

As much as I still enjoy reading and talking about book the priority for both have gone way done.

Bookwormom said...

Like Sybil, I missed you & no matter how you change your blog I'm glad you're back. Like you, I don't have as much time to surf & obsess over the daily doings in Romanceland. I'm primarily a lurker, although I will comment when the mood strikes. I have my 'regular places' where I comment regularly, but mostly I tend my own patch & occasionally admire others'.