Wednesday, May 25

I must be PMSing

Okay, I got up this morning at 5:30 and started my daily blog hop, when I reached Maili's I was annoyed by the idiots she found dissin' romance novels. But her romance quiz made up for it--LOL.

Romancing the Blog hasn't been updated yet, and yesterdays column left me feeling somewhat guilty, because I don't enjoy everything I read--is it me or is it possible to like everything? I must be too picky.

Then I head over to Romantic Times and someone posted on the General Board about Tom Cruise's comments about how Brooke Shields dealt with her postpartum depression. Another idiot.

And then I found this teaser on the RT Favorites Board:

File this under "I DON'T GET IT" :

His hand moved to her gown and opened it. He covered her breast fondly and possessively. When he felt the sticky moisture, he raised his head and gazed down at her.

"I love to watch my son nurse."

"I know. I love watching you watch him." Hank lightly stroked her dusky nipples and a bead of milk formed on the pad of his thumb.

"He didn't drink it all. You've still got milk"

"Plenty", she replied huskily. His inquiring eyes flew up to hers. they held for several misty seconds. Then Rhonda lovingly curved her hand around the back of his head and drew it down.....

Am I the only person who thinks this is gross? I breast feed my son and believe me I had no desire to feed my husband too, yuck. I managed not to post a comment since I didn't know the answer--that's one I wouldn't have forgotten--LOL.

I think I'll take a shower and start my day all over.

Have a GREAT day and happy reading.


Mary Stella said...

Hmmm. Interesting excerpt.

To comment on your earlier musing, no, I don't think you should feel bad for not liking everything you read. We all have different tastes and I think it's unreasonable to expect that we'll love every single romance we pick up.

Jay said...

I dunno, I think it could be sexy. But I've also never had to sustain life with my boobs either. I can see how that might take the sexy out of it!

Tara Marie said...

Guess what I did read the book--LOL!!

It's an old Sandra Brown--Hawk O'Toole's Hostage by Sandra Brown (LS 263 - 6/88)

Of course, I read it when it was new and that was 13 years before Jr. was born, so I guess it didn't bother me back then.

Catherine Coulter has a similar scene at the end of Firesong (I know, I know it's an evil book and the hero must be destroyed--I still liked it--LOL).