Friday, May 13

Try, Try Again

So, after seeing what Nicole posted to my last blog, I decided to give Wildfire by Cheyenne McCray a try. It was a really quick read and I finished it in a couple of hours this morning (215 pages with print large enough I could have read it without my glasses.)

Pleasantly surprised, not bad, in fact it was pretty good. It was like reading a Harlequin Romance, but with a lot of really hot sex. Boy (Jake Reynolds) comes home after 10 years to find the girl (Dee MacLeod) he left behind, knows she's the love of his life and wants to settle down with her, but she needs convincing. No crazy, obsessive brothers--LOL, only a light sub-plot about cattle rustlers that continues into the next book. The names are so stereotypical--Jake Reynolds, Jess Lawless, Kev Grand, Jarrod Savage, Catie Wilds, just to name a few. They made me laugh out loud, but somehow they seemed right.

Now, I can go back to If Angels Burn, which is really good so far.

Have a great night, happy reading.


Nicole said...

Now I think I'll need to put it in my shopping cart next time I'm at EC. I'm pretty picky about what books I get there and so far I've done pretty well, though every once in awhile I take a chance on a book and buy it when I'm not quite sure about it.

sybil said...

YAY! Glad you found one you liked. I think I have something of her in my tbr stack.


Bookwormom said...

Re: Master of the Night by Angela Knight. She's published by Berkeley (sp?).It's listed as paranormal romance, but the emphasis on sex rather than plot made it a romantica IMO .

I feel that the plot warranted more depth & that the sex scenes, while well done, took up more pages than were strictly necessary.

It's probably an odd quibble, but I really think her plot deserved more than it was given. The novel is a fast read & the second one just came out.