Tuesday, May 24

Vacation Reads

Nicole asked about my vacation reads, so here they are:

One Way Out--Michelle Albert
The Seduction of an English Scoundrel--Jillian Hunter
Master of the Moon--Angela Knight
A Breath Away--Rita Heron

One Way Out--Michelle Albert: This book had 3 things going for it before I even opened it:
  1. Michelle Albert is consistently good.
  2. Archeology.
  3. The hero is the academic, which I thought was a pleasant change, usually it's the heroine and she has a stick up her, well you know.

This was a good book. Though, I do think it got a little bogged down by the "bad" guy, in the end, why the thief couldn't be the ultimate bad guy, I'm not really sure.

The Seduction of an English Scoundrel--Jillian Hunter: This was my first Jillian Hunter and I enjoyed it. Full size Regency, which was actually a strike against it, I'm really tired of this sub genre, but this one was a good piece of entertaining fluff. The dialogue was snappy, and I liked the characters (primary and secondary). My only complaint, it seemed a little too long, and dragged in the middle somewhat. There are 2 more in the series, and I'll read them, I may even search out some of her backlist.

Master of the Moon--Angela Knight: My first Angela Knight, and of course, it's the second in a series. But, it gave enough back story to bring you up to date, without making you feel like you missed something vital, so it stands alone, which is a plus. So, Amanda read this a couple of weeks ago and it sounded interesting, but I have to agree with her, I found myself skipping some of the sex scenes. That's not necessarily bad, I was enjoying the story and wanted to move along. I'm normally not a huge paranormal fan and especially "fairy" stories, but I'm opening my horizons and trying not to have preconceived ideas. I'll look for the first book in the series the next time I'm in the UBS (which may be today--LOL).

A Breath Away--Rita Heron: Another author new to me. This is a romantic suspense and it was not a great book for me:

  1. On page 2 the heroine says something to the effect of 'why should any man love her when her own father doesn't'--huge turn off for me. She sounds like she needs therapy before the book even started.
  2. The author trys to draw your attention to too many suspects, though I had figured it out as soon as the character was introduced, but not why he was doing it.
  3. I had also figured out why she (the heroine) had a psychic connection to all the "victims" way before the rest of the characters came up with the idea.

The author leads you in so many directions that there was too much to tie up by the end. It had the feel of one of those "who done its" that come up with the murderer out of thin air in the last chapter of the book.

Not bad, I enjoyed three out of the four.

Have a great day and happy reading.


Nicole said...

I keep hearing good things about the Jillian Hunter one. I might have to find it used somewhere.

Tara Marie said...

I picked up three of her backlist at the UBS yesterday. Hopefully, they will be as entertaining.