Thursday, May 26

TBR Pile growing in leaps and bounds

I did make it to the UBS today, only not while Jr. was in school. It turned out today was "Crowning Mary Day", he goes to a Catholic pre-school. I barely had time to run home get the cameras (the video camera wasn't charged even though my husband swore it was--another tale).

After school he had a hair appointment. The hairdresser is my husband's cousin's ex-wife, now isn't that convoluted, but we all like her more than my husband AH of a cousin--another tale. His hair looks very cute, it's got that little flip up in the front, makes him look very grown up.

And then, he fell asleep on the way home. Finally we made it to the UBS by 2:30, but I managed to more than double my TBR pile in about 20 minutes.

Maili's lists in hand I found:

  • Risky Games--Olga Bicos
  • Nighthawk--Kristin Kyle
  • The Last Man in Town--Susan Kay Law (I think I may have read this one.)
  • Fever Dreams--Laura Leone
  • Outlaw's Embrace--Ashley Snow
  • Body Electric--Susan Squires
  • Cool Shade--Theresa Weir

I also found:

  • The Scotsman--Juliana Garnett (which I've read, but can't find my copy.)
  • Tiger Eye--Marjorie M. Liu
  • Bundle of Joy?--Ariella Papa (Chick Lit--Red Dress Ink is the publisher.)
  • Sex & the Serial Killer--Jennifer Skully (snagged an autographed used copy that looks like it's brand new, never been read, only $1.50)
  • Sacrament--Susan Squires (someone blogged recently about reading this one.)
  • Black Lion's Bride
  • White Lion's Bride--both by Tina St. John
  • Damascus Gate--Robert Stone
  • Into the Fire--Anne Stuart (I've never read this one and it keeps coming up during the discussions about Black Ice, which I liked.)

That's all the books I'm buying for the next week or two.

Have a great night, happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

Please post your thoughts on Body Electric. I've had a copy in Mt. TBR for a long time & can't decide either to keep & read or to toss into the UBS bag.

I posted about Sacrament a ittle bit ago.

Tara Marie said...

Over the last few months almost everytime I went into the UBS I would pick up Body Electric and I always put it back. When I saw it on Maili's list of good reads, I thought I would try it.

You liked Sacrament didn't you?

sybil said...

score! I haven't been able to find any Laura Leone books in the ubs.

tell me if it is any good ;)