Friday, May 13

Wednesday's UBS Finds

So, after confessing on Monday or Tuesday I had never read an Ellora's Cave, I discovered 5 of them used at the UBS on Wednesday. I also found a used copy of Michele Albert's One Way Out and a new copy of Lynn Viehl's If Angels Burn.

You may notice I'm only showing 4 Ellora's Cave covers, the 5th one the bookstore owner said was completely unreadable (pretty honest). Two of these she liked and the other two are her "Best Selling" Ellora's Cave. I should have realized "Best Selling" doesn't make them good books, if I had questioned her further (I sound like the Spanish Inquisition--LOL), I probably wouldn't have bought the books. Oh, we live and learn.

After reading the 2 "Best Selling" books I wrote a major 4 page rant in my book journal. I've decided not to post this as it's filled with swearing. I would have thrown the books against the wall and kicked them a few times, but I didn't want to wake my husband up. Dr. Phil would have had a field day with the characters in both these books. Needless to say I wasn't real impressed with my first foray into this line of books.

I'm thinking if I want to read romantica/erotica I'm probably going to stick with Emma Holly.

I decided to read If Angels Burn next. I'm only 20 pages into it, but it looks real promising, I don't expect to be throwing this one against the wall.

Have a great day, happy reading.

PS Check out today's column at RTB,it's a good one.


Nicole said...

I'm curious as to which ones you didn't like. I've got Marly's Choice but ugh, I cannot get into it and thus won't read the next book in the series which is the Heather one. It's just ick. I don't find that series appealing at all.

I've read some Jaid Black. Usually I think of them as kinda campy, but fun. I have several Chey McCray books that I like, but I haven't read the Wild ones yet. I've never seen EC books in my UBS before.

I liked both If Angels Burn and One Way Out.

Anne E. said...

What do you suppose is the appeal of these books? I am not trying to sound naive here. What I mean is, what do you think is the main purpose of the author: to be sexually arousing, tell a story, both of these, or just to shock? My mother used to call the more explicit books she read "respectable porn," although if I remember correctly they were like the "sensual" rating RT Magazine gives most historical romances (like Marsha Canham's books).

Tara Marie said...

Nicole--now that you mention it those were the 2 I read--ick is a really good description. The logic behind "the only way I can show love for my brothers is to share the woman I love with them, all at the same time" is a little frightening and unexplainable even though the author tried to do just that. I didn't buy into the author's psycho-babble.

I've got to stop or I'll end up ranting like a lunatic--LOL.

Like I said Dr. Phil would have a field day with all of them.

Anne: to be sexually arousing, tell a story, both of these, or just to shock?
I think it's a combination of all these things.

Nicole said...

Yeah..I just don't like those books even though she has many rabid fans who LOVE everything she does. Now I like some of her books, but not all by any means. I actually like a lot of the lesser known authors.

okay...books in print that I know I liked:

Celestial Passions: Brianna by Judy Mays. It's a futuristic romance.

Dragon's Kiss by Tielle St. Clare This one is a paranormal/fantasy romance with a shapeshifting dragon.

Ravenous and Razor's Edge by Sherri L. King (paranormal/fantasy romance taking place in the present) contemporaries. I wonder if the reason I don't like a lot of the contemps in erotic romance is that they deal a lot more in threesomes, BDSM, etc. and I don't really like that much in my erotic romance. I like to read hot sex, but I guess I'm still tame at heart. it seems that the best-selling ones are more BDSM-oriented. There area few contemps I like from EC, but they aren't in print yet. I'm also not much into the uber-alpha male that so many people like.

Tara Marie said...

Nicole, I know she's got rabid fans that was one of the reasons I chose not to post the rant, that and I didn't feel the need to contiue ranting.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the UBS and a woman came in to pick up Heather's Gift. She had special ordered it and "she couldn't go another day without reading it."

My only hope is that Heather's idea of a gift is therapy sessions for the other 5 main characters and maybe a good smack in the head for all of them.

Nicole said...

I don't mind the Breeds series as much and I'll probably buy the antho she has coming out in print next month (Honk If you Love Real Men), but mainly cuz it's a Breed book rather than one of the August books or a Bound Hearts one (the BDSM series).

Angry Woman said...

I read If Angels Burn and I liked it. I'm kind of getting back into the whole vampire romance thing so I bought it out of curiosity. I'm looking forward to the second book in the series.