Thursday, May 26

The TBR Pile Shocker

It's probably not really a shocker. I got rid of my entire TBR. It didn't go far, just to my sister's. Before we left for vacation I gave her every book in my TBR pile and a big bag of books I'd read in the last couple of months. I should qualify this, I gave her my entire romance TBR pile, I've still got boxes of mysteries/suspense/horrors (to many to actually count).

So, we get back and I realize I've got 2 books left(The Assassin by Rachel Butler and The Cobra and the Concubine by Bonnie Vanak. I almost had a panic attack.

While Jr. was in school on Tuesday I ran to the brand, spanking new Barnes & Noble that opened while we were away. I wondered around in fog for 45 minutes and only bought 2 books:

  1. The Veil of Night by Lydia Joyce
  2. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evie by Marianne Stillings

How is it possible to wonder that long and only find 2 books? I can't even explain it.

I still had about an hour to kill, so I headed to the UBS and picked up Madeline Hunter's Lord of Sin and used:

  1. Delight
  2. Indiscretion
  3. The Husband Hunt--all three by Jillian Hunter
  4. Jane's Warlord
  5. Master of the Night--both by Angela Knight
  6. A Loving Scoundrel--Johanna Lindsey--need to keep up with the Mallorys

While I was putting books on my bookshelves I discovered I had filed Taylor Chase's Heart of Deception with keepers, but hadn't read it, so I can add 1 more to the TBR pile. I also pulled out 2 Juliana Garnett's, The Knight and The Laird.

That brought my entire romance TBR pile to 14 books. I've since read The Assassin and The Veil of Night. That leaves 12 books on my TBR pile (see I can do simple math--LOL).

Twelve books and I've pledged to read 15 for the June's RT TBR challenge. I'll be heading back to the UBS today while Jrs in school.

Got to go, we're already running late.

Have a great day, and happy reading.


Bookwormom said...

So happy you survived the "train vacation". My 9 y.o. son would've had a wonderful time with you.
About the Breastfeeding incident- & this is probably TMI, but Men (notice I didn't say the mom) are fascinated by the fact that a woman's breasts are actually created to feed their children with.

Uhm...let's just say that certain types of foreplay will result in the sudden letdown of breastmilk. You've a few choices then: wakeup baby & feed, express into a bottle, drench yourself & your bed & continue or-feed the one who couldn't resist & couldn't let well enough alone.

I breastfed all of our children & learned to wear a bra to bed. Being a new mother & washing linens a few times a week is exhausting.

What did you buy today?

sybil said...

I got rid of my entire TBR.

eh? how? omg I am scared to think how many books are in my tbr. And if I gave them away there is no way I could afford to replace them.

Tara Marie said...

Hi Amanda:

I told my husband if we go on another train vacation we're bringing his sister's family that way I can escape to do some shopping.

My son breastfeed for over 12 months. I have severe food allergies including dairy and soy, which if I passed on left little choice with formulas, so the pediatrician suggest breastfeeding for as long as possible. He actually weaned to milk at 12 months, but I couldn't get him weaned at bedtime for a couple more months.

I wore a sports bra or a tank top w/shelf every night. I also had enough to feed another baby or two.

My husband had no interest in my boobs during this time--LOL. He must be an exception. Well, he had interest, but at that point he figured they were Anthony's. When Anthony was about 6 month old, I remember my husband saying to him "Those were mine for 18 years--I want them back soon." It's probably just as well, if he had touched them I would have leaked.

Tara Marie said...

Sybil--take a deep breath, repeat after me--Serenity now.

I only gave them to my sister, I'll get them back eventually. Their living at her house taking up her space right now--LOL.

Besides, it was only about 40 books, and nothing I was super desperate to read.

Jenster said...

WHY??? I know I've been away for a while and I've probably missed something epic. But why did you give your TBR pile to your sister? Even if it is temporary? It just doesn't seem right.

As for the breastfeeding thing with you and Amanda - LOL!!! I love your husband's comment. Why is it that they're so darned possessive about parts of OUR bodies??

Tara Marie said...

Hey Jenster--

I wasn't desperate to get rid of them, but she was looking desperately for something to read, like a good sister I passed on everything I had knowing 1. I'd get them back and 2. I've got a UBS within walking distance.