Monday, May 16

Quick Bookstore Stop

The books I picked up at the UBS last week were supposed to be my "vacation" books. But, because I'm weak, I was unable to hold off and actually read them on vacation. So, I needed another trip to a bookstore.

Today, I decided to run my last minute errands at the mall. Junior needed new sneaker (leather Buster Browns from The Shoe Dept., they light up, he's thrilled.) Instead of going to the UBS I went to Waldenbooks, buy 4 get the 5th free. So of course I had to get 5 (if I have time to post pictures I will):

  • The Assassin--Rachel Butler
  • A Breath Away--Rita Herron
  • The Seduction of an English Scoundral--Jillian Hunter
  • Master of the Moon--Angela Knight
  • The Cobra & the Concubine--Bonnie Vanak

Maili mentioned The Assassin a while ago and today was the first time I've seen it in a bookstore, and Amanda blogged about Master of the Moon (you need at least one "smutty" book while on vacation--LOL.) The rest I've heard nothing about, but their blurbs looked interesting. The only author of the five I've read is Rachel Butler (aka Marilyn Pappano).

I had the new Johanna Lindsey paperback release in my hand (I would like to finish the Mallory series--I think it's Jeremy's story--I didn't even read the blurb), but I couldn't bring myself to pay $7.99 for it. I don't really read her anymore, I'll wait for a used copy. I almost picked up Madeline Hunter's Lord of Sin, but I ordered it from the UBS and I didn't want to end up with two copies.

The books I bought today are going into the suitcase today, otherwise I'd have 2 of them finished before we leave--I'm so weak. Okay, maybe I'll put a couple in my backpack in the car so I can read during the drive.

Got to go, I have to start packing, books first then clothing.

Have a great afternoon, happy reading.

While I was putting books in the "car" backpack I discovered two Daniel Silvas--happy day.


Bookwormom said...

Happy vacation,Tara!!

Mary Stella said...

I just finished Cobra and the Concubine and loved it!

sybil said...

Have fun! And ohhhh buy 4 get 5... I so should go!

Kristie (J) said...

Have a great vacation.