Monday, May 9

Lot's of thoughts running through my pea brain...

After a weekend of running around, brunch at my sister's on Saturday, breakfast with my in-laws Sunday morning and a 1st birthday party in the afternoon/evening, my head is kind of spinning with lots of thoughts some about family and some about books.

I'll start with the SIL from hell. She managed to strike again--big surprise. Snarky with one of the BILs and she can't imagine being home full-time--too much work, this was addressed to me. I thought this was some sort of compliment (color me surprised, I should have known better), until she turned it into a commentary on her dislike of play yards and play pens, because I commented that when my son was her daughters age I used a play yard and lots of gates, it kept him contained and safe--he learned to play very nicely by himself. Maybe I'm wrong, but you can't watch them every minute they're awake, but you need to know they're safe, that's why the play yard (cage--LOL) and our gated off living room worked for us."It stops their curiosity about their surroundings. . ." Anyone who knows my son knows his curiosity needed a little squeltching at times or he would have been climbing the refrigerator and swinging on doorknobs, not that he hasn't done both of these. Or even worse trying to get outside--now that is really frightening. Oh, well, no more complaining.

I did very little reading this weekend, I did finish George & The Virgin, but I think I'll do a separate blog. At the rate I'm going I don't think I'm going to meet my TBR challenge over at RT. I need to get cracking to reach 20 books.

Oh, I did finish Karen Templeton's SIM Swept Away. It was good. The heroine's 37 and the hero has 6 kids (and the kids aren't annoying always a plus, and I loved little Travis--reminded me of my little guy--like ages.) Kids in books can be a peeve for me, so often they don't seem realistic, but KT did a great job--I guess having 5 kids helps--LOL. My son has a wicked vocabulary, but at the same time still sounds like a little boy, this seems to be hard for some authors to do, either the kids sound 40 (because the writer is showing how smart they are) or the the child comes across has mono-syllabic, which kids aren't (unless they need speech intervention).

Got to go, planning a school party for tomorrow and have to get together with other Moms, and have to get the food shopping done or we wont be eating tonight.

Have a great day, happy reading.

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