Friday, May 27

An Old Friend, a Big Rut, Missing Medievals and The Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday, I picked up Johanna Lindsey's A Loving Scoundrel. I finished it before I went to sleep last night. For some reason, even though I really don't read her books anymore I still enjoy "The Malorys". I guess it's like visiting an old friend. The book was good, not great, I probably wont ever read it again, but I'm glad I picked it up.

I pledged 20 books this month for the RT May TBR Challenge. Good news, I'll reach my 20 books (only have 1 to go). But, what is truly amazing, I've enjoyed 16 of the 19 books I've finished so far.
  • 4 Romantic Suspense
  • 4 Romanticas/Eroticas
  • 3 Catagory (SIMs)
  • 2 Paranormals
  • 2 Victorian
  • 2 Regency period
  • 1 Georgian
  • 1 Time travel/Fantasy

I needed a change more than I realized. I was in a huge rut, reading only 4 romance sub-genres (medievals, suspense, contemporaries and full size Regencies) and rarely deviating from them. What did I expect? I was basically reading the same stories over and over, and moaning and groaning about how the "same" they all seemed. Spread my wings a little, try something different and I'm really enjoying reading again.

I used to read like this all the time. While I was pregnant and right after my son was born I went through a huge dry spell (about 18 months) where I read almost no romance. And, when I finally came back to it, I found these were my favorite sub-genres and stuck with them for the last 3 years. What a rut.

I miss reading Medievals, I guess that's why I put three Juliana Garnetts I've already read back on my TBR pile. There seems to be something missing from the newer medievals. It usually feels like I'm reading a contemporary in a historical setting and I really hate that. I know the romance industry is cyclical and these books will be popular again, but will they be these contemporaries hiding in medieval clothing or will they have the grit I'm looking for? Who knows, but I'll keep trying them.

My sister is leaving for Lake George on Saturday. I'm just back from vacation and am jealous. They're heading to Bolton Landing (north of the Village of Lake George). They're going to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. They're going antiquing and shopping. I love my son, but I've had it with trains.

I'm dying to go to the Jersey Shore this year, but once the pool is open my husband doesn't like going away. He plans to open the pool this weekend, why I don't know, it's been in the 50's and raining. Why run the filter and spend every afternoon skimming etc. if you can't swim? His father has their pool open already so my husband figures he should have ours open too.

I doubt I'll be back on-line long enough to actually blog anything this weekend. Hopefully everyone will have a happy and safe holiday weekend. Amanda has a link reminding us why we celebrate Memorial Day.


Bookwormom said...

I'll take Body Electric with me & yes, I did enjoy Sacrament. Perhaps you could "drop in" on your sister for aday or so-sans Jr.?

Mary Stella said...

Twenty books a month? I bow to your reading ability, Tara!

Tara Marie said...

Amanda--I wish I could just "drop in", but Lake George is a 3 hour drive and my poor, poor, husband would starve without me--LOL.

Mary--Jr. goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and I watch next to no television, so I can usually find a nice chunk of time before I fall asleep.