Thursday, August 3

Am I an Idiot?

Normally, I don't consider myself an idiot, well, with the exception of my air conditioner debacle and other occasional clueless moments.

But, when it comes to romance reading, I'm pretty confident in my likes and dislikes and my ability to read and discern what I'm reading. That's probably why when Lydia Joyce's blog post regarding her recent AAR review rankled so much. My reaction to the book was very similar to Cheryl, the reviewer. And, since then I discovered Giselle and a few others also had the same thoughts.

So, does this make us idiots, clueless to the subtleties of writing?

I don't think so.

I waited to post this until after I got over being aggravated at the implication I didn't "get it" because my initial reaction wasn't very nice.


Devonna said...

Lydia's site's down right now so I'll have to check her blog comment out later. I've never read a Lydia Joyce book, don't think I've ever heard of her. But, from the sounds of it ~ is she basically saying that people who don't "get" her book are idiots?

Jane said...

This is the same girl who posted her SAT scores at the Avon website. For all her smartness, she can make dumb comments at times. I guess I needed SOMETHING to write about for Monday's op ed piece, right?

Tara Marie said...

Devonna, I just realized her website was down. Oh well.

Jane, Tell me she didn't really do that?

Does that mean I should post mine or maybe my IQ too prove I'm not an idiot?

Jane said...

Yes, apparently she did post them. Laura lee guhrke called her on it over at AAR and someone else confirmed it. I was flabbergasted when I read that. LOL. She thinks pretty highly of her intellectual skills and apparently those who don't "get" her must just be lacking. I haven't read the book yet, although I have it TBR.

Kate D. said...

Interesting. This author did well enough on them that she wants to make her SAT scores public several years after the fact, and yet she hasn't done anything since then she feels totally trumps an accomplishment from high school?


It's funny. I've never read books by her and I'm probably not going to (the spoiler-licious description of her plot didn't really grab me) but I did enjoy her spirited defense of the complexities poor, regular readers can't grasp. It reminded me of the literary reviews one of my friends wrote for "Navy Baby" when he was doing Peace Corps in rural China.

He was desperate for English language reading material, so we used to send him romance novels. Sometimes, if he was really bored, he'd write psuedo-academic reviews of what we'd sent him.

Riley was a comparitive lit major. He could really lay on the brainy critic buzzwords. Hm. Perhaps I should introduce him to this author?

Bookwormom said...

I have LJ in the TBR. Maybe they need to stay there since I likely won't understand them anyway. HAHAHAHA. Postiing SAT scores?! Lord help us all.

sybil said...

tsk tsk you just hate her cuz she is beautiful...

really just ask her

Zeek said...

I have not seen one good review of The Music of The Night ... but everyone seems to be reading it??

Is it the train wreck thing? Or like re-sniffing bad milk- it's nasty but you just can't help yourself?

i've been avoiding it, but maybe I need to take a sniff too?

Tara Marie said...

Kate D. Her books are really worth reading, she must be rather young to even remember her SAT scores and to think that they really matter in the grand scheme of life.

Amanda, If you have her on your TBR pile, give her a try, her first book was fantastic, her second was very good, though I had a few issues with her revenge theme, but her writing is good enough to overlook the flaws of that book.

Zeek, Her first book was View of Night, second Music of Night and her current one is Whisper of Night.

For me it was a train wreck, but for others it may be the spoiled milk thing. And hey, I'm sure that there are readers who are loving it.

Zeek said...

Deh, I was just being silly.

As much bad press as TMOTN been getting~ I'll probably still avoid her.