Tuesday, August 15

A few thoughts from the day...

Well, after sharing my son's bathroom humor, I got to clean up his newest Calvin moment. He decided to saturate his bedroom area rug with water and managed to cover 1/2 of it before I caught on. He has a new sports bottle and I think he discovered squeezing it shoots water all over. Of course, we don't have a shopvac, so I soaked up most of the water with towels and then had to dry what was left with a couple of fans. When I asked what he was thinking I got "I don't know." I hate that expression, it always makes me think of the old Bill Cosby routine.

One of our neighbors adopted a little girl from China, what a beautiful child. And, yet so sad. She's two years old, never cries, doesn't know how to play, can barely walk, not abused, just forgotten. Her new mom spent 3 weeks in China waiting for everything to go through, Dad stayed home with their older daughter. The older sister (who is the same age as my son) isn't real thrilled with the addition to the family and doesn't want to play, but Junior thought the little one was great and played with her for 1/2 an hour while I talked with her mom. This made up for the water disaster.

The Yankee game is playing in the background and they just one, and Boston lost. It's a good night. Happy Reading.

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