Friday, August 11

Random useless information

A couple of days ago a little girl and boy came to our door and asked for something to drink, they were thirsty from riding their bikes up and down the neighborhood. Apparently they live about 3 streets away. They didn't know me from Adam, came right in the house and had some water and asked if Junior could come out and play. When I asked if their moms' knew where they were they said they had permission to ride. They then asked if they could have a picnic in our front yard.

Am I neurotic or crazy? I can't imagine my son going up to a complete stranger like this--well, actually I can that's why we teach him he can't do this.

Same day we went to Wal*Mart and parked next to a bright yellow Ferarri.

Today I realized I completely missed the birth of a friend's granddaughter, a friend I haven't seen in a while and usually keep in touch by emails. While I was deleting emails (500+ on the main screen and over 3000 "deleted" and "sent" items--and I'm wondering why the system is running slow--LOL) on our personal account, the one where friends and family send the "forwards" that I ignore but my husband reads. Hidden in there were pictures and an email announcement I never acknowledged because I never saw it. I think I'm going to shoot my husband.

Tomorrow we're having a birthday party for my son and nephew, actually it's at my SIL's (not the SILFH) house. Last year it was here and we had a family riot with the SILFH. She hasn't been back to our house since, my husband figures she'll never set foot in our house again. Junior will be sleeping over after the party and they plan to bring him home Sunday and we'll all go out to dinner.

We're leaving for the Jersey Shore on the 19th. I'm starting to pack the blankets, sheets, towels that don't come with the house rental.

I'm currently reading two books, neither is good enough or bad enough to blog about.

Have a good one, and happy reading.


meljean brook said...

If my daughter ever did something like that I think I'd have to beat her. On one hand, it's kind of neat those kids are so trusting...

No, just stupid.

lmao @ the Ferarri at Walmart. I wonder what they were buying?

ames said...

Hope you have fun at the birthday party!

And a ferarri at wal-mart, that's crazy!

Tara Marie said...

Meljean, I almost posted "I'd have to beat him." So, great minds think alike. It's wonderful to be that trusting, but it's stupid too.

I was wondering about the same thing. What could they possibly need from Wal*Mart

Ames, My husband wasn't all that impressed by the Ferarri at Wal*Mart. "Everybody shops there." If I could afford a one, I certainly wouldn't be shopping at there.

nath said...

I think the kids thing was scary... seriously, parents should be a bit more strict with their kids.

as for the ferarri... i bet it's some kid who got to borrow his parents' ride ^^;... actually, no. they would be too snob.

Amie Stuart said...

I would beat my children if they ever did anything like that. It's hard enough to let them go and play and ride bikes where I can't see them, and I have rules about calling...holy cow!

CindyS said...

Yeah, I bet their parents have no clue they went and knocked on a complete strangers door. I think I would have asked them where they lived and then walked them home to their mothers. Once there, if the mother is all 'oh, yeah, go have a picnic' then you know it's the parents but if the parent is horribly embarrassed then you know the kid is in big trouble and I would hope, a lesson well learned!


sybil said...

Yeah I would have taken them home... but really people are weird.

We just had a huge youth group in the hotel (really the city, to the tune of over 40,000) So the hotel was full.

But they weren't the only ones there. We had an army group (100 rooms?) guys ranging in age about to go overseas, business peeps and what not.

The youth group... was annoyed they couldn't get the doors open. Because the kids took a covet? that they wouldn't be 'alone' in a room with the door closed (you know girls in boys rooms and such).

I was like, well the hotel is sold out. There are many people here not with your group. It is for your security that you don't have KIDS alone on room floors with THEIR DOORS OPEN!

They just looked at me blankly. Like we do it all the time.

I so wanted to say dude, do you know how long it would take for someone to get in, close the door, lock it and hurt one of those stupid kids.

Anyway they fixed that by just screwing in the hallways... ramble ramble ramble

Hope the party went well!

Sam said...

When I was a kid we used to ride our bikes all over the country and sometimes we'd stop and ask for some water or even to use the phone (once - my ssiter had a bee sting and wanted my mom to come get her, lol)
My daughter used to go all over the village with her bike and play.
Here are the statistics for those who think I'm nuts:

Kids kidnapped, raped, or killed by family and close friends: 95%
Kids kidnapped, raped or killed by total strangers: 5%

Now That's scary.