Tuesday, August 15

I got nothin'

I've got nothing exciting to say, so I'm reposting something that tickled my funny bone.

When I checked my stats the other day someone had gone back and read my blog posts from last October. I checked out the month and found this blog post and laughed until I cried, probably because I remember all these little episodes...

Most people witness the ability to make all sorts of car noises at an early age and somehow all boys seem to be able to pick up a stick and turn it into a gun, knife, sword... you get the idea. But there are other things attached to that Y chromosome I thought were learned, but I was wrong.

The other day Junior is getting ready for a shower and he announces he has to "poop." So, I turn off the shower and put him on the bowl, leave the room, because he needs privacy and when he's done he washes his hands and comes out of the bathroom. I go in to restart the shower and he heads into our room climbs up on my husband and the conversation goes something like this:

Jr.: Daddy, smell me.
Dad: Good boy, your hands smell clean.
Jr: No, Daddy smell my hiney.

Another conversation between father and son:

Jr: Excuse me, I did a backward burp (that's what Junior calls passing gas--he came up with that one one his own)
Dad: You're excused
Jr. Hey Daddy, can you smell it?

**edited** Last night he gets this very serious little voice and says:

"I pee peed in the shower, but that okay, right."

**I had posted this one in the comments.

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CindyS said...

Okay, but what did you husband say when Jr. asked him to smell his hiney ;)

Anything that remotely sounds like a fart will have my Godkids rolling in the aisles and they came out that way. No one taught them it was funny but when the little one gets going I can't help but start laughing with him.