Monday, August 7

Odd thoughts from a fuzzy head

This post will be all over the place, sorry, I've got a nasty summer head cold and it's leaving me rather vague and fuzzy headed.

I have a stack of books to pick up at The Bookstore:

  • The Grail King by Joy Nash
  • His Lordship's Desire by Joan Wolf
  • Lady Katherne's Wild Ride by Jean Westin
  • The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner
  • Marriage By Design by Lynn Michaels
  • Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs
  • Viva Las Bad Boys by HelenKay Dimon
  • September's RT

I forgot to order:

  • High Stakes by Erin McCarthy, normally I prefer my vampire books scarier, but I like Erin McCarthy's writing voice and style enough to try out her "funny and steamy new vampire series".
  • The Gripping Beast by Charlene Teglia, some where I picked up good buzz on this book, so what the heck.

I also wanted Beth Williamson's The Reward, but it's a down load and since I don't have a hand held device yet, I'll wait on this one. It's too hot to be sitting in front of my monitor reading anything of length.

I'm in desperate need of tires for my mini-van, I never think to look at things like tires, but this weekend my husband noticed how bald my back tires were and I got "Holy Crap, you need tires--NOW." Tires, Books, Tires, Books. Unfortunately for me, tires wins this little debate. Now, if it were food, ah, books would win hands down, there's always enough food in the pantry to skimp for a week, but there's no skimping on tires. The bookstore owner is great and lets me pick up books whenever I want in dribs and drabs. I don't really want the Wolf, but I ordered it and would feel guilty not taking it, especially when she's nice enough to hold the books for me.

I am struggling through Gucci Gucci Coo by Sue Margolis. I'm starting to wonder about my sanity, I didn't finish her Apocalipstick. My mom thought her bawdy humor in that one was outstanding. "The story sucked, but the humor was great." That's a quote from mom. GGC has some funny moments, but the story in between is boring in the extreme. Since it's Chick Lit, I thought I'd use it for this month's TBR challenge, but it looks like it's going to have a HEA ending and I think that qualifies it as a romance too. I'm not a huge Chick Lit fan yet there are some that I like. Both the Margolis books I've read are set in London, I'd much rather read Alexander Potter's London based books.

We went to the County Fair this weekend, which reminded me I never blogged about Kathleen Bacus' Calamity Jane Rides Again. It's the second book in the Calamity Jane series. And I realized it's got a Stephanie Plum meets Iowa thing going on. Semi-ditzy heroine accidentally/on-purpose fighting crime. Funny and outrageous grandmother, exasperated parents and at the end of this one it even has a little love triangle going on. It's written in the first person and at times is too conversational with a hectic and sometimes frantic pace.

Yesterday was Junior's birthday, he was thrilled with his gifts. I haven't loaded the pictures yet, but I'll post a couple later.

Have a good one and happy reading.


Jane said...

I can't wait to see Junior's pictures. and see what you think of Joan Wolf's book.

Dance Chica said...

I have The Privilege of the Sword on my wishlist too. It sounds interesting.

I know the feeling about those tires. I need some too. Cars really suck up a lot of money don't they? Esp. when I'd rather be using the money to buy books...*sigh*

Valeen said...

I really want the new Erin McCarthy as well ... but I haven't even seen it at the bookstore yet.

Beth Williamson said...

Hey Tara, I found The Reward when I googled myself and your post about wanting it. Cool beans! You just made my day!
Downloads don't work for everyone. But I wanted to let you know it comes out in paperback on September 19 if you're interested. :)
Geez, I feel like a blog whore coming on by to sell my books! LOL!