Sunday, August 27

We're back

Not real rested and not really enough time to post anything.

If you're looking for rest don't go to the Jersey Shore or any other beach with an over active 5 year old. But, we had a great time. I'll post pictures and more tomorrow. It was filled with firsts for Junior and that made it wonderful.

I did get 6 of the 9 books I brought finished and someone could have warned me Carla Kelly's One Good Turn wasn't a good choice for a fun little beach read. Holy cow, I cried through the entire book--great book, but I think my eyes are still puffy and red, I'm sure there were a few people wondering why I was bordering on sobbing. Lynn Michaels' Marriage by Design was a fun beach read. Hopefully, tormorrow I'll have enough time to post at least mini-reviews.

Got to go, today we're heading to my parents for a birthday party for Grandpa--71 this weekend.

Have a great one and happy reading.

Hey look who's finally blogging... Jenster. Anyone familiar with RT's message board knows she's funny, sweet (occasionally sarcastic) and an avid romance reader. I'm so glad she's blogging, I've already added her to my blog roll.


sybil said...

Welcome Home! Sounds like you had fun!

Yay new reader blog

Jenster said...

Aw shucks, Tara. Those who really know me will have a hard time reconciling me with the cyber personna you just described. Except for the sarcastic part. lol

And don't get too excited, Sybil. It's not really a reader blog, though I will talk about books some. So you may want to lower your expectations before you take a gander. :o)


Devonna said...

Welcome back! I look forward to hearing about your trip to Jersey Shore....(and also about the books you read).

Jane said...

Welcome back. Thanks for the link to the new reader blog (if you are a reader and you talk about reading books, that qualifies :)).

Can't wait to see what you read/liked/threw into the Atlantic

ReneeW said...

Welcome home, Tara! Sounds like you had a great time but vacations with kids are exhausting. I LOVED OGT but I forgot it was a tearjerker. I'm anxious to hear how you liked MBD and everything else you read.

Rosario said...

Welcome back, Tara! And yeah, oops from me, too. Should have warned you it was going to be a tear-jerker!

Kristie (J) said...

Hey there!! It's Monday so I missed you yesterday. I really must learn to count! Anyway - welcome back.

CindyS said...

Woohoo!! You're back!

I haven't read the tear-jerker book so I couldn't have warned you. There, I feel better ;)