Friday, August 18

Why is it I can pack...
  • 3 suitcases
  • 1 toy box
  • 1 back pack (also full of toys, including 2 teddy bears)
  • 3 storage tubs with household stuff
  • 1 satchel full of books and kids' DVDs

And my husband has yet to pack...

  • his fishing gear
  • 1 backpack for his books and DVDs

We're leaving first thing in the morning and will be gone for 9 days, I don't think the house rental has a computer, so unless I come across a cyber cafe I wont be on again for a while.

Talk amongst yourselves and post some good book recommendations, I'll need them when we get back.

Have a great week and happy reading.


Marg said...

Have a great time!

CindyS said...

Hope you enjoy your computer free time and your vacation with your family!!

Also, that sounds like a lot of stuff to haul around ;)


sybil said...

Have fun! See ya when you get back.

Sam said...

Have a great time!!!

Valeen said...

Have a good vacation!

Jane said...

Did you fall into the Atlantic whilst throwing Joan Wolf to the sharks?