Monday, August 7

Hey Wendy I'm reading Thea Devine's The Forever Kiss!! Hope it's a good one.


Wendy said...

Ehhhh - not one I recommend. I'm not a big fan of Devine's vampire books - and this is one of them. I wrote a review for this over at TRR. It's still in the Archives, in case you want to compare notes after you finish it.

My favorite Devine is Desired - naughty reindeer games in 19th century Louisana Bayou. Lots of campy sex and a family secrets plot thread. It's like a nighttime soap opera with more naked bits :D

Tara Marie said...

This is only the second of her vampire books that I've read, the first was years ago and the title escapes me.

But, so far I think it's fun, campy and a bit over the top gothic in a Dark Shadows kind of way. Though I am getting a little tired of the long tongue descriptions, makes me think of Gene Simmons, yuck.