Thursday, August 17

Head's back in the sand...

I should be packing, but instead I've spent the last couple of hours blog and message board hopping, and I've come away with a few thoughts...
  1. Nora Roberts is the brilliant goddess of romance.
  2. Lori Foster is much nicer and more diplomatic when she's not discussing Mrs. Giggles.
  3. Each reader has their own comfort zone and should be allowed to stay within or venture out as they desire.
  4. Every readers' comfort zone is different, don't judge someone else's reading choice because it's not yours.
  5. Racism and bigotry are ugly, plain and simple.
  6. Not wanting to read homosexual or bisexual love scenes doesn't make you homophobic, but going on about how gross and evil it is might.
  7. Don't recommend smores and Kum By Ya [sp?] in the middle of a heated "debate".

My son has emptied his Hot Wheels storage case and filled it with underwear, socks and t-shirts, I think that's a hint. I'll be back later.


Suisan said...

Nodding and humming Kum By Ya ever so quietly over here in the corner.

(In the past few months I have gotten fairly good at sticking my fingers in my ears and singing La La La La La. Fairly good. Kind of.)

sybil said...

LOL I was kidding about the smores and being sacrastic about the song thing.

No one got it so what do you do...

I take my name to heart I guess, on one corner of the web I am a horrible liberal and on the other a racist. Other people can't seem to make up there mind who I am.

But gosh, monica will allow any blog or site owner to submit their site to her so she can ok you. Good stuff that.

Happy vacation! Make some smores *g*. I need a sarcasm button me think.

sybil said...

their mind even...

Tara Marie said...

Suisan, the fingers in the ear trick works as good as the head in the sand one.

Sybil, Gee whiz, I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was you who recommended smores and singing. That's my fault for reading all six pages like a speed demon. There were a couple of people really trying to get everyone to make nice, and of course we all know once the feeding frenzy starts there's no stopping it.

So, you're a sarcastic racist liberal, that's an interesting combination *g*--Love ya sweetie.

Zeek said...

'Not wanting to read homosexual or bisexual love scenes doesn't make you homophobic, but going on about how gross and evil it is might."

Agreed and Thank you for saying it! Now go over to SB and tell them that!

sybil said...

no I mentioned the smores after I was told to sing.

I so don't sing without smores... *g*

I suck like that.

Sam said...

Congratulations your highness!
Good catch for that one, I had no idea what book it could have been. I've guess one or two, but always way after they've been guessed before.

Tara Marie said...

Zeek, I may be snarky and sarcastic on my own blog, but I'm a little afraid of the ladies over on SB--LOL.

Sybil, no smores, no singing, I think I get it.

Sam, I'm going to whisper this... I didn't remember the book, I found it on fictiondb, though once I read the complete blurb, I remember reading it, way back when.

Bookwormom said...

Tara- Happy vacation! Have a great time. Asked you a ?? on my blog (in comments from last post) if you get a moment.

Zeek said...

Oh no doubt, Tara. I refuse to post there, but sometimes I just want to inject some sanity into all the butt-kissing ME TOO! ME TOO!'s going around.

But alack, I'm too skeert of them too. :(


(And Sybil .. if you see this I totally agree with you on numerous issues!)

CindyS said...

Uh oh. Did you read my mockumentary of the AAR Top 100 books? If not, then don't click over to me! I did mock some of the titles because I didn't know why they would show up but remember, I'm just a huge clown. Harmless really.

Not wanting to read homosexual or bisexual love scenes doesn't make you homophobic, but going on about how gross and evil it is might

Sing it!! Everybody has things that they don't find sexy. I don't mind reading or watching a movie about two people falling in love but when it comes to sex there are things that work and don't work for the viewer/reader.

So, is the blow up over at AAR or SBs? and should I even bother?

Seriously, if you read my list and it upset you I'm very sorry. Sometimes trying to be a clown really makes you an ass :(


jenster said...

LOL, Tara!!

I figured it was much safer for me to keep out of that one.


Tara Marie said...

Amanda, I'll head over and take a look. And thanks, this is one really needed vacation.

Zeek, the funny thing is I don't have a problem reading m/m or m/f/m or f/f, but I can understand it not being some peoples choice and that's perfectly okay. And I have to agree the me too's can get old fast.

Cindy, I did see your funny top 100 commentary, but blogger kicked me out before I could post a comment.

Jen, I've learned the hard way that sometimes it much better to lurk than participate.

Anonymous said...

Tara Marie and Jenster,

I knew better than to jump in that fray. That was too hot even for me! lol

But I just couldn't resist making a comment about that stupid song!


sybil said...

YAY zeek, everyone should agree with me! Sez I ;)