Friday, August 4

Ask the question...

One of my husband's favorite movies is Oliver Stone's JFK, one must be a conspiracy theorist to actually love that movie and my husband loves anything remotely related to conspiracies. I'm a realist, so I rarely if ever buy into any type of a conspiracy. But, there is a line from this movie I'm reminded of on a regular basis...

Ask the question, ask the question.

Usually I find myself saying this during news interviews, but lately I've been repeating it in my head while reading. Not good for storytelling. If I'm asking myself Who, What, When, Where or How the author isn't doing a great job telling their story, obviously mysteries and thrillers don't count, because you're supposed to be asking questions. But, if you find yourself asking these things in a Contemporary, Historical or Chick Lit, there's a problem.

Can you tell that of the last 20 books I've read 14 were just okay or worse?


Bookwormom said...

I am more critical of the books I read, especially over the last 16 months or so that I've been blogging about my reading. One of my requirements for a keeper is that it must have forced me to silence that inner critic. Needless to say, I've added precious little to my keeper shelves lately.

I agree, though, that quite a bit of the new romances published seem to have been assessed mediocre (& not only by you). I have seen very few unqualified 'I love this book' reviews lately.

CindyS said...

Does your husband think the moon landing happened on the day they said it did? My hubby thinks they've been to the moon since but not on that day.

Okay, that might be might last deep dark secret.


Tara Marie said...

Amanda--I'm wondering is it the books or us. Have we become too picky expecting perfection at every turn? Do you think it's blogging or lousy publishing?

Cindy--He doesn't believe in the Moon conspiracy, but has watched every show about it ever made. UFOs and JFK are his favorites, but he also watchs Bigfoot. Actually he'll watch anything about any conspiracy.