Wednesday, August 2

Oh, boy redux...and a couple of book reviews--sort of

It's perfectly okay to laugh at the village idiot.

So, to continue Tara's Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day...

The electrician never showed, when I called his office at 4:30 his wife told me he was stuck on a job until 7. Told her not to send him. My husband would already be home by then and my BIL offered to come over. They determined that the wire somehow grounded itself out. Old house, middle aged wiring, some has been updated, but not everything. Of course, this was one of the rooms they hadn't updated yet.

Well, it's being updated over the weekend. We decided to wait until it cools off a little.

Here I thought I would do something nice for my husband, he'd come home from a miserable day to a nice cool living room and dining room. Yikes I blew that, literally--and the air conditioner is shot too, oh well, it was 10 years old.

We went swimming right before bed, so we all cooled off and it was fairly comfortable to sleep.

But it's too hot to do anything besides read. A couple of reviews...

Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas--this one didn't impress me. There were too many characters involved. Daisy and Matthew, all the Wallflowers and their respective spouses, Daisy's parents and a handful of other Lords and Ladies. Daisy and Matt on their own were wonderful, but I didn't particularly like Lillian in her book, add to that she's even more obnoxious when pregnant and it sunk the book for me. Every time Lillian opened her mouth my brain scream "SHUT THE HELL UP." Not a good way to enjoy a book.

Just One of Those Flings by Candace Hern--I liked this one a little more than SIS, but the pacing is slow. Beatrice and Thayne are very good together, a May/December romance. She's 6 years older, yet you never feel that there is this great age barrier. He's world traveled returned from India rich both in materials and life experiences so there's never an overwhelming feeling to the age difference. She's 35 and he's 29 and in one scene she's enjoying the view of his youthful body--excuse me, he's not that young and she's not that old. The big climax seemed rather contrived and forced. And, I didn't buy into the secondary romance. The next book sounds interesting--the cad and the bishop's widow.

Not great reviews, just my thoughts

Have a good one, stay cool and happy reading.


ames said...

Sorry you lost your ac. But at least you do have the pool. I would love a pool...unfortunately, no room in the backyard. Stupid sunroom.

I still haven't read the Wallflower series-so SIS will have to wait.

Jane said...

I think I'll skip the Hern book. I thought the pacing was slow in the preivous one and while the premise sounded great (widows taking lovers), the execution seems standard Avon to me.

Devonna said...

I've never read a Hern book. Scandal is 3rd on my TBR pile after I finish the Duchess series. I haven't really been impressed with any of the interviews I've read about the book ~ the first 3 were so good (Devil, of course, was my favorite). I'm glad to hear all of the wallflowers are in the book..I'll try to keep an open mind until I've read it.

erika said...

Oh, too bad about SiS. It was a keeper for me. I'm still on the fence about buying Kleypas' Contemp. My issue is the love triangle thing...
And would you believe that a crappyassed mother left her 2 five month old twins in the car for 45 min in 100 degree weather here in Memphis?!!! And while she was being booked she never showed concern for her babies. Only for getting fired! The stupid is strong in that one.

sybil said...

I didn't like her much in this book either so I had to reread Autumn :).

I still very much enjoyed SiS but DiW is still the bestest evah. Sez I. Eh I think I will be skipping the hern as well. I didn't like the first one much and haven't seen a reason yet to pick up this one.

Tara Marie said...

Ames, I love sunrooms. For years I begged for a pool, we have a child and my husband says "What do you think about putting in a pool?" I wanted to smack him.

Jane, The books not in front of me, but I don't think it's an Avon, the cover's too nice. Though you're right it does read like an Avon.

Devonna, I loved the Duchess series, it's the main reason Eloisa James is still on my autobuy list.

Erika, I loved Daisy and Matt, I just couldn't take one more word from Lillian's obnoxious mouth. And I hadn't heard about the babies in Memphis, so sad, she must have known what would happen.

Sybil, DIW is the best of this series, for me it's the only keeper of the 4.

Jane said...

Oh, how funny I would associate Hern with Avon. I was thinking of brands lately with the Aphrodisia fuss and boring regency historical = Avon in my mind.