Tuesday, July 11

Bingo is mandatory

We started paying Junior's tuition this month. Today is my first day working bingo. It turns out bingo is mandatory. Not a big deal as it helps keep tuition costs down, and I only have to work one day a month. I've never even been to bingo, ever. A friend's husband runs the Tuesday afternoon sessions. From what I've been told, only diehards show up. I guess it will be a baptism of fire.

Whenever I think of bingo, I'm reminded of the bookkeeper at my first job. I worked for an interdenominational Christian Minister who did speaking engagements, wrote books and sold his teaching courses on tape. Nothing radical and certainly not Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Bakker. Our local bank at the time refused to give the Ministry free banking, which they offered other "churches" and non-profits. The branch manager made the mistake of saying "Well, we all know you're not really a non-profit organization." To which the bookkeeper responded "Just because we don't have bingo in the basement doesn't mean we're not a legitimate non-profit..." on and on she went, I was rather shocked, as I'd never heard her raise her voice before. The bank gave us free checking, but she pulled the accounts anyway.

I've got to go, my parents are picking up Junior for the day, hopefully he'll be an angel.

I picked up new books yesterday, hopefully I'll have time to post a list tonight.

Have a great day, and happy reading.

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Bookwormom said...

Good for you Tara. Post tomorrow about your bingo baptism!